Marine sniper amputee shows what grit is all about

assassin Jason Pacheco from the United States Marine Corps I lost my leg in 2010 and Afghanistan in an IED blast we’re here at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs at the 2018 Winter Games to become a scout sniper was pretty easy for me because I’ve always been really competitive and always want to be like the best of the best that’s why I drink a day of my injury we got into a pretty good firefight I end up stepping on ID and that’s when I lost my right leg below the knee when it happened I was coherent in a way the entire time and you know I just thought it was something special to see my brother lives to come back and help me I decided that I wanted to go back up cam I want to be back in my brother’s no matter what it took took me 3 months to walk 6 months to run and in 15 months later I was back in Afghanistan as the first Marine Corps amputee to go back to the combat zone a lot of people say that blood is thicker than water but in the cases that we are in combat and it fight side-by-side together and we bleed together but there’s no greater Bond than that so when we come back real standoffish with a lot of the people I don’t know what we’ve been through nor have they seen all we’ve been through but just being able to talk to different people from different units there’s had similar experiences and that help with the healing process well and I really appreciate everything I did for me so I don’t my life to my brothers
Jason Pacheco lost a leg in Afghanistan in 2010. It took him 3 months to walk, 6 months to run. Then he went back.

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