Maps Reveal Hidden Truths Of The World’s Cities – BBC News

what happens when people look at a map and they start looking at the data on top of that map is there a correlations that they otherwise would not have but also weighed the city you’re getting around on what we have here is data showing every single since the 1990s in the underdeveloped world there is a sense in the west then somehow they’re being flooded or inundated by refugees the fact is that we going to be layer on top of this map terrorism as well as violence are fleeing from terrorism conflict propagated and repeated in rising sea levels to be more badly affected than Miami Miami is built on porous Limestone swamp effectively so it around 2 degrees Celsius rise globally Miami is underwater Mar-A-Lago Lighthouse baby were the first person order to go many people still reluctant to believe that climate change is real also going to be affected dramatically because this part of the East Coast of United States free your period balloons above and below the equator a really slash-and-burn agriculture basic worse than cleared for livestock the other concentration of fire space I really about gas flares coal-burning factories North Dakota there is a cluster of gas flares for the fracking industry generate more than 1 billion cars in the human lab changes to our climate the light emission map is essentially capturing ambient light from space and areas that are red are areas where were seeing higher levels light emission over time remarkable increase in light emission in the most rapidly growing heart the world including Parts in China what’s interesting also is where they’re not like you’ll see her darker I do not see the same level of energy consumption that goes well above and beyond I’ve been struck by just how quickly complex

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