Man clings to car hood going 70mph

not only did this guy clean your car hood for 19 miles he managed to call 911 driving the Mercedes from the point of view of a passing motorist what the actual I was mind-blowing that was my very favorite blackmail on the windshield he’s like all of his name is Junior Francis I was scared I was terrified his ex-girlfriend confirms that you called police several times that day and even stop by the station but wanted to Tricia wanted to use the car they shared pick up her daughter Junior jumped on the hood she drove off 70 miles per hour on Interstate 95 heading towards Miami he had chances of getting off my car and he wouldn’t get out the car so I feel like he put his self in danger someone call went on for more than 25 minutes so liberated by wind noise app dropping directions miscommunicated she pulled over the police arrested her she was charged with culpable negligence while the internet obsessed over little things how in the hell is that flip flop staying on then there was a woman who tweeted wondering if the Mercedes I got a new hood ornament he’s no ornament he’s a guy who kept hanging onto a broken romance and ended up hanging onto a hood just watch yourself and be careful who you love New York
911 calls have been released of a man clinging to the hood of a car zooming down the interstate at 70 miles per hour. CNN’s Jeanne Moos has the tapes.

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