Lopez Obrador on track to be Mexico’s president

we begin in Mexico and a new direction for that Nation with a populist candidate now elected president early results show Andres Manuel Lopez obrador what about 53% of the vote in Sunday’s election let this candidate ran on an like ruption platform he promises to build stronger relations with the United States and other countries also promising to tackle domestic issues like crime and economic inequality in his speech Lopez obrador talked about uniting Mexican all political views listen to the new project for the country will seek to establish an authentic democracy we are not betting on building a dictatorship neither over snark coverage changes will be profound but they will adhere is the legal order that is established and all this taking place at the epicenter of Lopez obrador support the Ocala Square that’s where Patrick open file this report you rubbing you should have for this country the election of leftist populist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez obrador she’s been running for president now for over a decade have you from Gaining office because of corruption and not right now though he has to talk more about this car and the editor-in-chief of the online division of the Americas Society soul of the Americas join via Skype from Mexico City it’s a pleasure to have you on the show that had a quite a busy day they’re surely there in that they let’s talk more about Andres Manuel Lopez obrador reframing himself as an outsider with a pot message similar to the u.s. president Donald Trump that seems to have really resonated with motors and over and over option how does Lopez obrador promise to take on these problems more effectively than predecessors how to reduce corruption but that’s not really a clear proposal so there are some concerns about how he’s going to carry it out seems open to continue talks on renegotiating NAFTA but is also pushing for Mexico to become more self-reliant explained Mexico Mexico’s greatest this election really based on the fact that he’s focused on domestic issues so there is a Mexicans are choosing for Mexican Mexican however that’s not what people are deciding their boats on here there in Mexico seems to have paid off car and just as we appreciate your time and perspective thank you
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will likely be Mexico’s next president after his three main rivals conceded defeat in the election. CNN’s Patrick Oppmann has the details.

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