Longest lunar eclipse of century will create “blood moon” over parts of Asia and Africa

stargazers around the world are getting ready for a very rare astronomical event today the longest total lunar eclipse of the century is arriving this afternoon and it set to Showcase a blood moon for most of the Eastern Hemisphere senior Science and Technology right into Michael arrow is here with more to talk about this so he walk us through what to expect your with this lunar eclipse alright so this is the longest lunar eclipse in a hundred years which is pretty significant star waste it’s to see it so it’s going to extend from South America all the way across to New Zealand the best place to see it will be in Africa and Europe and parts of Asia I should say will be at 3:30 p.m. ET here and that’s when the moon goes through Earth’s Shadow and their two Shadows we actually have a penumbra which is the lighter or Shadow and the Umbra is the darker Shadow and that’s when that’s how we get an eclipse so the moon passes through that dark shadow and we actually can see that effect on the moon why is it called a blood moon everybody loves these phrases so the blood moon actually refers to the redness of the moon so it can turn depends on what the particles are in the air so what happens if the sun is directly behind Earth and it roof racks that light it bends it and the red light is the only color in the spectrum that makes it to the moon which reflects back to Earth and if you were standing on the moon you would see the Earth completely blacked out and then this ring of red found it as through the atmosphere is all the sun rises and all the sunsets are occurring at once oh yeah I can imagine it must be better to the ones that are pretty popular the virtual telescope project and also SLU SL ooooh if you’re looking for that and they’re going to show the entire eclipse and you know it’s going to be the pin number which you can’t really see so okay well when can Canadian see a lunar eclipse when’s the next one over here one January 21st 2019 and we will be able to see it all okay what else is happening in the sky tonight Mars is at opposition so that’s when Earth directly lies between Mars and the Sun but then this is how it’s it’s it’s it’s been moving over the past year so and then on Tuesday you’ll be able to see it when it is going to be 57 million kilometers from Earth which is the closest it’s been since 2003 but tonight as well when you go out you can see Mars and the moon together pair together but 5° apart and that’s about the width of your three fingers in Hunger Games apart and an arm’s length and that is amazing but also don’t forget you’re going to see Saturn and Jupiter in the saddle be in the South Jupiter in the southwest and of course Venus is right after Sunset amazing you’re selling me on all of this tonight thank you
The moon will glide into Earth’s shadow Friday in what will be the longest lunar eclipse of the century. The eclipse will stretch from South America to New Zealand on Friday and last almost four hours, causing the moon to appear red, a phenomenon referred to as a blood moon.

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