Levin: Left’s agenda is incompatible with constitutionalism

reaction to the predictable left-wing response to the ongoing Supreme Court opening is the host of crtv the host of the number one show Sunday night 10 p.m. life liberty and Levin I call him the great one type of announcement do you want to say it or shall I Mr great one sir I’ll say it I’m pregnant yeah that’s exactly what you know you are my guest on life liberty and Levin so we’re going to try to switch roles Rai interview for an hour I think it’s a great show thank you for having me by the way Mark for your massive runaway best-seller and all your books have been number one bestsellers putting Liberty and tyranny but I remember you wrote a book called Men in Black and long before anybody else you talked about this what the left can accomplish in an election what they can accomplish ever legislatively they want to ignore separation of powers co-equal Bill Cipher in law and they literally want things legislating from the bench you have been way ahead of the curve but this president wants to choose an originalist way to go through their reaction to this opening now what it means for the country first of all I want Americans to understand that the progressive Audiology which you here on the left is incompatible with constitutionalism and so they turn the Supreme Court in for them into a politburo into a all-powerful centralized political operation where they want to control the majority the seats you noticed they don’t talk about upholding the Constitution as written notice they don’t talk about this this provision this section this Clause of the Constitution when you hear the map of way on the other networks they’re talking about abortion-on-demand same-sex marriage Obamacare open borders they give you the same left-wing agenda is the running for president running for the Senate that they want in a Judicial nominee that’s not how it works so we don’t want too conservative we don’t want to live where we want a constitutionalist a constitution who has sworn to uphold the Constitution looks at the Constitution looks at the words takes them in context tries to figure out what the original intent was an applies it and the parties before The Supreme Court have a right to expect that that’s what the justices will do with the Democrat to telling the president of the United States is if you don’t nominate Ruth Bader Ginsburg in one form or another we’re going to oppose whomever you nominate so the Republicans are going to have to steamroll the Democrats and the Democrats have process where they only make any sense they used to support filibustering it now they oppose filibustering it be used to pose a nomination was one year left in the presidency now they supported or they don’t support it now they oppose it when it’s midterm elections in other words forget about Schumer forget about the Democrat forget about their agenda and let us uphold the Constitution with our nomination and I think this President more than most understands that he ran for office he had his list he was extremely transfer Glendon have a list because the nation collectively would have puked quite frankly but this president had his list he has tremendous candidates on this list and he said I’m going to choose from this list or the left has have every opportunity to dig up whatever they can on these these very candidates in the present sticking to the list and this is very very important the Supreme Court is not supposed to be more powerful than the other two branches of government is supposed to be independent from them Justices are appointed for life because they’re not to be it’s gotten way out of whack and under the left it’ll be more out of whack here’s the attitude of the progressives who really used to attack the Constitution was written by a bunch of white men who owns slaves now they pretend to support it here’s the position of the left basically they want to win Shrine their ideology end of the Constitution when they say you have to support president they don’t really believe that Drew a dredge start upholding slavery that was president Ferguson segregation that was President korematsu the internment of Japanese-American that was present at the they support that President know what they mean is the most radical decision to the Supreme Court that’s what they want to compel that’s what they believe in not the Constitution but the leftist direction that left us courts have taken the Constitution I don’t even know what year your Old Men In Black II friends and then we go into this a little bit I don’t remember the whole discussion but Mark we became friends because of issues and I’m going to tell a little bit of the story is with all due respect to you I have to twist your arm to do fill in for me on radio Twister on to do we can show twist your arm to do it 6 to 8 then 6 to 9 and Syndicate and to be honest it’s been years I’ve been twisting your arm to come on this TV show and now you’re here flipped it and now I have to do your show but the thing is brought us together is but I want you to know something because we just did this interview I want the viewers to know more about you than when you’re on TV and that’s that’s what we’re doing in this interview you’ve got a wonderful background you’ve got a great sense of humor you’re one of the most decent human beings I know he gave me twenty bucks I got to finish the real Sean Hannity and that’s what’s going to happen by the way I did something that a lot of politicians and liberals to try to get me to talk about me and I kept talking about issues and finally stop it talk about you your love of this constitution has been your life study I mean there by absorbed this because this is important I swear if we don’t get this right we’re going to lose this country we talk about people application of our laws are constitutional form of government the foundation of all our laws and you have been an intellectual heavyweight all of this one thing I believe in the Constitution are you done we Define everything through the left we see everything to the left Constitution is your best choice that’s my humble opinion I think you would be Choice market every Sunday night the number one show on cable this Sunday night hope your watch
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