Lecturer: Expand Supreme Court, pack it with liberals

what the left is taking Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retirement hard so hard in fact that some of them want you throughout the entire constitutional order and delegitimize the Supreme Court itself and Sam was a lecture at Harvard Law School he’s been demanding that as soon as Democrats hold power once again you need to expand the size of the Supreme Court and packet with liberals a week ago single tweeted this quote pack the courts should be a on par with the Polish ice in Samuel joint St and thank you for coming on congressional districts in LA county entirely I mean if the goal is just to increase the power of the lapwai mess around the Supreme Court I think I we very much agree on the basic end here which is at the Spring Court should not be a part as an institution subject to sort of like ideological swing the problem is the Supreme Court of the justices of the Supreme Court Republican presidents they had 11 in a row before Ruth Bader Ginsburg so I’m really in favor of its returning the Supreme Court to being a sort of non-partisan institution that is set away from the sirta frey of ideological politics but we can’t do that until we add some seats to correct the balance that we I love it you’re smooth I will say that sweet iced that is in fact a non-partisan statement somehow how does that work how is that how is increasing the partisan Democratic representation on the porch indeed non-partisan all done I would love to get to a place for example where maybe every president gets two or three guaranteed Supreme Court nominations Supreme Court now that’s the art of the deal but the reality is we’re way out of whack and it works have any hope of moving forward with a spring Court that’s not this kind of ideological part of an institution we have a little mending fences to do to it right so in other words increase the power of the left and everything will be cool but as long as it’s center-right in the court I think by anybody’s me look if you match public opinion polling to the issues you will see that the court is not way out right at all and I’ve seen it did you come out to be subject to a public opinion poll even though you know as well as I do that 75 you’re claiming that we need to pack the court which a naked Power grab by the left we both know it but you’re saying we need to do that because you will be more representative of the public will and I don’t merely noting as a factual matter cuz I seen the numbers that the majority of recents Court’s decisions fall within the Centerline of public opinion actually there isn’t a problem other than Democrats don’t get to do their will with the courts they sent you wish they could the most accomplished politicians of my agent my mind the best one is Mitch McConnell and he understood as well as I do that control the Supreme Court is not something you just give away right he sort of shrunk for a year-and-a-half to eight members until there is a president to his liking and remember before the 2016 election Ted Cruz and John McCain and all your beloved Heroes this is the sort of power politics has to swing both ways and then we have to end it that’s the view so actually I hated that I hated that they did that cuz I wanted some love him we should know I’m saying somebody okay socialism will win thanks for having me
The Left is taking Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement hard. So hard, in fact, that some of them want to throw out the entire constitutional order, and delegitimize the court itself. Tucker takes on Harvard lecturer Ian Samuel, who wants to pack the High Court with liberals. #Tucker

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