LeBron James signs with Los Angeles Lakers

Dallas County News you know guys we’ve been hearing about this for years the rumors of LeBron heading to La La Land and then it’s getting more and more or more clues conceivably that pointed in that direction but we never knew what was real what was fake LeBron bought a new house in La that got everybody’s attention when LeBron and runs were that he was looking into private schools for his son LeBron Jr to play ball out but I got to be honest and now have it actually happened it is surreal and now the question of course is can he add a really compelling interesting successful chapter 2 what is already a legendary career and turn those Lakers franchise around have the piggyback off what you’re saying if you look at when LeBron talks about other teams his sense of history in the league he understands the championship banners in the Boston Garden he understand what it means played in Madison Square Garden in that favor Sarita and he also understands the championship history of the Los Angeles Lakers and so you’re talking about putting another notch on his resume to go back revive one of the story franchises in the league if we actually bring another championship to the Los Angeles Lakers that just going to add to the Legacy that he is already established you know I’m never going to forget driving out of Cleveland heading to the airport after game 4 the NBA Finals I had taken a Lyft ride and I was just heading out of town and a young lady I wish I remembered her name but we talked about LeBron we talked about the way the locals would remember him if he left it was struck me is it not only was she not upset Not only was she not mad she wanted him to go that she felt like the organization wasn’t necessarily the kind of organization they can put him in a position to succeed like he deserves and there was this sense and like you said he can come home and done for the locals what he wanted to do they’ll never forget that and you said go live your life and and you know had the best shot at success so you can have
LeBron James chose late Sunday night on June 1 to officially announce he will be leaving the Cavaliers and joining the Lakers on a 4-year, $154 million deal.

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