Leaders attend NATO summit in Brussels (Day 1)

play everyone president of the government Kingdom of Spain his Excellency mr. Pedro Sanchez that is Festival president of the Council of Ministers of the Italian republic his Excellency mr. Pacifico prime minister of the Republic for Excellency this country Coastal Jam prime minister of the Republic of Estonia is Excellency mr. urethritis prime minister of Canada the right on Justin Trudeau prime minister of the Kingdom of Denmark his Excellency mr. Flores look up fast motion prime minister of the Hellenic Republic his Excellency Mr Alexis tsipras tell me where is Dubai YouTube prime minister of the Republic of Slovenia his Excellency dr. Ramiro Sierra call Mimi’s deep conditioner do some more select settings prime minister of the kingdom of Norway Her Excellency mrs. are nisolo prime minister of the Republic of Albania his Excellency mr. Eddie drama prime minister of the kingdom of the Netherlands his Excellency mr. Marco prime minister of Hungary Excellency mr. Victor horrible Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Her Excellency doctor Angela Merkel president of Montenegro his Excellency mr. mellow to college president of the Republic of Bulgaria his Excellency mr. Prada president of the Republic of Poland his Excellency mr. Andre Buddha president of the Republic of his Excellency mr. bogus present of the Republic of Croatia Her Excellency Mrs kolinda grabar-kitarovic president of Romania his Excellency mr. Claus Varner yawns prime minister of the Portuguese Republic his Excellency mr. and prime minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland the right honorable Theresa May president of the Republic of Turkey is Excellency mr. Ridgid everyone president of the Slovak Republic his Excellency mr. Andre president of the United States of America of the Republic of Lithuania or Excellency Dalia grybauskaite thank you very much excellencies ladies and Gentlemen please look into the cameras for the family photo for 10 seconds excellent these ladies and gentlemen may I invite you all rise and for the military to salute for the playing of the NATO him we miss you the secretary-general will now deliver his remarks the Circuit Judge pencils States and government men and women are armed forces bad friends welcome to the Brussels Summit NATO is an alliance over 29 countries stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Black Sea I’m from the Arctic to the Mediterranean 29 Nations bound together by Common history and common challenges committed to standing together and protecting h together we have achieved an unprecedented. Of peace and security and we are here today so that future Generations can enjoy that same peace and security we all our success to our Unity to our resolve to our ability to change after world has changed and above all to the men and women Armed Forces who put themselves In Harm’s Way To Keep Us Safe song have made the ultimate sacrifice so to the thousands of soldiers Sailors and air crew serving on operations around the world let me see we all of you and your families a huge debt of gratitude you and Bob walk NATO is your skill your professionalism your determination you are what makes peace and security possible you allow us to look to the future with con we all know you here today and thank you for your service excellencies ladies and gentlemen there will now be a fly past 25 helicopters from 13 NATO countries Belgium the Czech Republic Denmark France Germany Italy Poland Romania Slovenia turkey the United Kingdom and the United States the package consists of 5 sub formations Each of which is led by a Belgian helicopter within the formation there are utility attack and transport hello absolutely yes ladies and gentlemen this concludes the ceremony participants in the meeting at the level of heads of state and government are invited to procedure room in the conference center English Channel very well first one America working together people in the more unpredictable world still no borders on flight Harrison I’m spending the fence animation years ago yeah you know that I did transformation of important values PC to continue a win-win situation stration and there’s word instability women’s shoes and then got2b boundary ideas you could respect in my daughter’s polyglot complexity stupid knock knock off okay based people Sylvester alarm well at the school. stubble life orb Virginia Norton into coaching quit hasta manana stop Florida temperatures Cheeto cable Paramount ignore my text and since in the mirror look up emotionally commercial plates what’s the meaning of Ohio Moberly MO Selena stop. America shooting 5% cashing store or we can Biden positives Costco Lucy’s ladies and Gentlemen please look into the cameras for the family photo 410 excellent these ladies and gentlemen may I invite you all to rise and for the military to salute for the playing of the NATO exit on sweetums I miss you may I invite you all to rise and for the rise and for the military to salute for the playing of the NATO him miss you recycle delivered his remarks committed to starting together together we have achieved an unprecedented. Of peace and security here today so that future Generations can enjoy that same piece and a list of huge debt of gratitude one night. Is your skill your professionalism Each of which is lead by a Belgian helicopter within the formation Thor utility attack and transport helicopters in the formation utility attack and transport helicopters do you think the secretary-general will update you on the first walking session of the NATO Summit and then it’ll be here to take your questions like the general we have had discussions disagreements but important we have decisions that are pushing this Alliance stronger and disagreements game on the game because at the end of the day and we all agree that North America and Europe are safer together NATO is good for Europe and NATO is good for North America so today we agreed to strengthen a toast to the Titans on the fence and the fight against terrorism and the burden or security I made announcements about new contributions to a whole range of NATO missions and initiatives we agreed initiative thirties battalions on 30 days or less we agreed a major update of the with more than 1,200 new Personnel commands for the Atlantic in north in Germany these decisions will ensure we can have the right forces in the right place at the right time with a Pioneer redness and gray to ability to reinforce we Face bloated line between piece prices on conflict so today we set up a new account the hybrid support teams counter propaganda and energy security to set up a new Cyber operations center as part or strengthen command structure that we can draw cyber capabilities in missions on operations instability in the Middle East and North Africa effects NATO allies we are determined to preserve organs in the fight again prices and prevent them from coming punch so today as requested by the rocket government will launch the new training mission in Iraq and I welcome the Canada has agreed to lead the enero. It will be a non-combat mission of several hundred trainers professional military schools and academies for the Iraqi forces today we also decided to increase I was support for Jordan and Tunisia to further develop their capacities to tackle terrorism and we declare our hub for the South fully operational respond more effectively to Regional challenges in order to be prepared for the challenges we Face we need to invest more Vector in the fence call agree that we do not have Fairburn sharing in our lines today that we need more cash in National Defense budgets more more than capabilities and more contributions to mix operations the good news is that we are making progress for the corporate Century manual countries have been cutting billions from their defense budgets Sr increase in defense spending this year 8 Hour nations are committed to the vault at least 2% or GDP on the fence and the majority of allies have plans to do so but 20 54 sold the biggest increase in defense spending since the end of the Cold War lost their also agreed to develop national plants comparing and based on the national plans or european Alaska and Canada we expect at 266 billion in extra dollars extra for the fence between now and when 24 this is significant including buildings for more than high and capabilities deployments but we need to do more this is about famous this is about credibility and above all this is about our security in the more unpredictable world is will remain open warmly welcomed last month’s historic agreement between the government to start Old National procedures have been completed to finalize the name agreement the country would join NATO as our 30th member that decisions we have made today show that Europe and North America or working together NATO is delivering and we are determined to keep our almost 1 billion City safe and secure I’m ready to take your questions Secretary General there’s been some talk generally in the run-up to the summit that despite the challenge of getting to 2% Target it may not be enough and higher View at this point would that be helpful or would that be a distraction from getting allies to 2% that is what we have agreed that’s the defense and the good thing is that we are moving it works. in 2014 it was only 3 hours as spending 2% of GDP on defense this year. Said $8 have committed and the majority of our lives and how to reach 2% in a decade so my focus is on that I think I understand that this is really turning the trend because for decades of the Cold War Minnesota and I was able intentions are going down we have to be able to increase defense but just when there are increasing us there now one of the best contributors 40% of GDP in defense budget in the Black Sea region in the region have been happened all the military aggression from Russia in the last Crane in Crimea what are the steps that’s this NATO Summit took to increase the security in the Black Sea region and what will be the role of the new commandment lanterns Commandment that found it in Romania is it mention in the Declaration thank you difficult than necessary the remainder is one of the countries that has adopted the budget which should provide a 2% of GDP for defense we have decided that we have to follow up and then Clemente what we called tailored for presents and Romania on the Black Sea region we are also strengthen a reminder time and I’m in addition to increased presence in the Black Sea region where the land forces are forces American forces I’ve done today is to further strengthen our ability to reinforce remove forces quickly if needed so of course NATO defense of the Terrence is not only based on the 4th we have been since the blacks religion forces underneath the most national forces but is also course Very Much depend on our ability to reinforce move forces quickly and both the increased redness of Horses The 4:30 is initiative the fact that we only have 3 people the size of the response force and the fact that you are addressing military Mobility helps us to be able to into the Black Sea Regional Romania creekleaf needed several hundred train is a little more ambitious trips to take pain with venous is that is that kind of the ceiling is that the limit with Verizon and isn’t this kind of mission more what than sharing should be about the money and investing in defense industry it’s about contributions it’s about capabilities investing in you capabilities or financing and contributions like training missions in in the indie-rock the importance put on Intervention have to make sure that I sold ours is not able to come back and the best way of doing that is to train the office to build local capacity and important that we are going to train trainers combat operational many years we have scaled down or purses knock on the song from combat to train a sister-in-laws I we have seen them any problems and that’s exactly the same concept racing fighting dogs or any other kinds of terrorist groups is to make sure that the rocky Goldman today Rocky air forces are able to rent a Dodge from coming back Georgian TV published a few minutes ago but it says sinew about Georgia thank you where we are planning read the Declaration when he publish it. We will support to Georgia or political support or practical support and welcome Levi Lozano providing more support in different ways to Georgia with the training center. Capacity-building efforts supporting the reforms for those who recognize the significant progress Georgia is making and if I could Georgia is contributing to me they don’t missions on the operations I can be I can say more about this when we have published or agreed that the state until tomorrow TV and radio since the end of the combat machine in 2014 is the numbers going in the wrong direction which train Vice assassination points do you say this plan isn’t working we need a new plan unable to hand over responsibility for security in Afghanistan to the Africans themselves a huge difference between big combat Mission with more than hundred thousand troops this is a disappointment but at least we have seen and that we have to get together it’s been able to build a professional Force Can the police on the on the on the soldiers who are able to respond when Taliban or tight as ghosts achievement we will continue to provide support to them Operation Forces helping them to build Air Forces we will have Preston call me here tomorrow and then we can discuss how we can’t develop adjust adopt the way we provide support to them the main plan to answer the we conducting combat operations and we are helping them themselves mission space and I think that’s one of the reasons why we have at least 10 seeing some progress the efforts to find a political solution military solution to the problems of constant send a message send a message to the telephone just wanting the second row secretary-general we have a high rating for joining nato in Macedonia about 80% of the population of the water on the other can do we still have a high rating gold for saying no big no for the changing of our constitutional name so how to solve this Paradox aim to join NATO well. This often the people of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to decide this is a woman lies lifetime opportunity there’s no way to join night without changing the name so that’s in a way that the decision that people have to go I welcome the agreement we have clearly stated that we will start procedures a change in the Constitution and implementing the name of the agreement with the dance they’re public on North Market on now but it cannot remember if it doesn’t change just reminding the 5th row Vladimir Putin did he give you any assurances that he would not make concessions to the question that he United States has too many troops in Europe thank you we will discuss during the discussion today about the Russian will be on the topic for the dinner also tonight Clearly say that we don’t recognize if we do we will we will we will not recognizing and we don’t recognize unified position over all allies and it’s a position which has a trigger implemented the biggest reinforcements are collected events in central cold war is on the main reasons why we have increased our military presence in the in the Baltic State Poland on Orphan Black Sea region Tucson what’s happened in Crimea cannot happen again Sandy NATO country and support to Ukraine and political support and practical support best and put a fan cooler tomorrow when it comes to your presence in in Europe increase the return persons in Europe the end of the Cold War did Eustace meet our presence they lost us left Europe in 2013 and now the full armor Brigade which president took office in increased by 40% so action speaks louder than words I’m absolutely confident about the US commitment to European security and also Limit artists news conference some of the NATO leaders giving their assessment of the meeting and we understand that President Trump NATO Ally to raise defense spending to full percent is this the case and if so what’s your response well I will focus on what we have agreed agreed that to be committed to the increase in defense spending and the good news is that I really started to deliver I think that if you go back to 2014 All-Star leaders commentators weather at European allies would make that progressed we have seen from 2014 up to today I think many people were down to that but the reality is that now started to increase last year we saw the biggest increase ever met last year and we agreed to develop the national plans to make sure deliver on the promise to increase defense spending plans have proven to be exactly the strong and powerful tools expected them to be because they percent of plants showing all level step-by-step move to reach 2% the goal so we are delivering discussions there are disagreements but Nathan has made decisions and we are delivering on the defense branch and for me and the long run substance is what counts on the substance NATO is delivering so we will see you again tomorrow NATO is good for Europe and NATO is good for North America to whole range of NATO missions and initiatives read Readiness initiative days or less we agreed a major update of the NATO command structure in Germany in the right place between peace prices and conflict operations center command structure today as requested by the rocket government will launch the new Training Day Rocky forces today do not have Fairburn in our lines today in defense spending this year 8 to devote at least 2% the six billion mxr a US dollars extra for the fence between now and 2020 we need to do more this is about fairness this is about credibility and above to start accession Old National procedures have been completed in different projects for defense really progress investing in you capabilities or financing and contribution start training missions in in in you can read the the support agreement and then they can join NATO or they don’t support and political support the Lost USC left Europe in 2013 and now music is any perfume 700c to the pre-owned symmetrical Pepperoni’s call New York Knicks game hello dragostea open Google go to Google led by Candice prime minister Justin Trudeau thank you eskaton easy guide she back up was it this how you had it setup and how I had it out we able to get back up pretty quickly yeah I’m going to drop in the morning
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