Lawyer: Shooting suspect full of ‘simmering anger’

share with you some of the things we’re seeing here for the first time they’ve new images of the Frantic moments when police in Annapolis rush to evacuate workers from that building Under Siege by Capital Gazette shooting suspect Jared Ramos Street and there’s also this new video of Ramos being Carried Away by police in handcuffs I judge denied his bail yesterday saying that he’s likely a danger to the community suspects wore to kill an excerpt from today’s iPad written by former columnist an editorial board member John W vandekamp says this quote last week French president Emmanuel macron only have dough that’s a terrible newspaper who’s editors cartoonist instaff 12 and all down by two Muslim Brothers during an editorial meeting at the published are the paper published Muhammad I am charliehebdo worldwide slogan protesting senseless killings targeting a newspaper now we have our own charliehebdo and it’s shameful and we need to react with an IM and Apolis and I am the capital campaign who represented the Capital Gazette injured Ramos is defamation suit said he was full of simmering anger and with me now is that attorney is actually exactly good morning to you thank you for being here good morning thank you for having me so you describe Ramos as Unforgettable a during this crap what do you recall most about him during that time and I understand you talked a lot about his appearance and long hair when he walked into the courtroom he was Unforgettable though not for his appearance but for what transpired over the course of his case he started out what it was what appeared to be just a kind of a standard complained that he felt he misrepresented in the newspaper but by the end between his Twitter feed and his kind of long rambling filings with a court that’s what made him Unforgettable it was just the obsession that he had with his case in with his paper reporter I Jane Miller who works at 1 to CNN’s Affiliates WBAL I tweeted out to her conversation or part of it with a woman who says she was stalked by Ramos and she said that quote he will be your next match shooter that Amanda said she would stalk people that you Representatives at this paper had absolutely they were it in fear of danger now obviously justifiably based on what we know now but what what made them so afraid I will say that every morning when I walked into my office the first thing I did was check mr. Ramos his sweet feed because there wasn’t really a week that went by that someone wasn’t targeted with some kind of angry tweet sometimes those tweets were no more vicious than anything else you might read on the internet you know who’s calling someone fat or calling them a slob but at some point it kind of turned it in and those tweets became more targeted and more violin things like I wish you’d stop breathing or threatening to send certain people to journalistic hell that was a theme he had it was at that point that I think people sit up and took notice because these tweets were in just calling names anymore they were calling out specific people talking about acts of violence did you fear for your safety I think everyone at one point or another thought that mr. Ramos was was not balanced and and so and they consider themselves at at least at risk I didn’t show up in his Twitter feed as much as as others so I don’t think I was as scared as any other people work I do recall one instance where I used to serve in the Army and so at one point one of his tweets referred to me as sergeant Shirley and that spoke to me because I realized you know he was digging into my past you haven’t done some research now I understand that you knew some of the people who were killed this week after a couple of days now after the immediate incident what will you remember about those those members of the Capital Gazette staff so I should correct that because I actually didn’t specifically any of the victims obviously a horrible tragedy and I have very fond memories of working with the Gazette and so I know that the caliber of people that work there and that’s what I’ll always remember about about my representation and my time all right it’s actually thank you so much for being with us this morning thanks for having me
W. Zak Shirley, a lawyer that represented the Capitol Gazette against Jarrod Ramos in a defamation lawsuit, describes the obsession Ramos had with the case and the newspaper.

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