Lawyer for embattled FBI agent Peter Strzok speaks out

the president taking Vladimir Putin at his word that Russia didn’t interfere with our election was always silly and now just got dealt a huge blow with his bipartisan Senate intelligence committee report that came out today as it echoes the findings of every other Fair bro on the situation Russia meddled Trump is kidding himself and probably only himself Trying to minimize Putin’s roll now that’s just one aspect of this and there’s all this entry why would the president president do that did Russia help him and he’s trying to pay them back by being nice I don’t know the answers to any of those things if we don’t have fact and none of them erase the legitimate issues that could be going on with the Russia Probe on behalf of the US authorities enter Peters the FBI agent taken off the Russia probe because of these anti-trump text he testified behind closed doors before house committee last week now they’re going to bring them back and testify in public now his lawyer thinks that this could be by the House GOP so his name is Satan Goldman and he’s here now to make the case comply with the subpoena or the request come on in and do another interview my client will testify publicly soon somewhere sometime we just got this sopita today so I don’t know whether or not we are going to be testifying next Tuesday in front of the two particular how subcommittees because we have come to the conclusion we can force them to the conclusion that this is not a search for truth it is a chance for Republican members the house to Prien and posture before their most radical conspiracy-minded constituents and if you just look I mean you would think that here you have a guy Peter struck knows something’s wants to tell the story the testify if you have a committee that I’ve he wants to find out facts and wants to find out the truth you might actually have a medium interest but from our experience with the committee that start it is obvious that they don’t want the truth they don’t want to hear servers who were there the transcript hasn’t been released of the last interview I know that you said really I love that information I’m not in the business of believing what people tell me the government or anywhere for that matter I’d like to see the prove myself he found what he said compelling on different levels so is it fair to say that he hasn’t had a chance to tell Astoria who said that they found what he had to say compelling sat and listened as he’s been caricatured misdescribed and Accused by the president of treason and having a sick loser and Fox News the election against Trump truth and Pete has been silent he’s been cooperating with the inspector-general he’s been doing what he’s supposed to and now he wants a chance to actually talk to American people so when we heard that these two committees linking selective excerpts to make him look bad we can’t do that either well okay will come in anyway so we came in and he testified and this is confidential if you disclose any of this you could be compromising the Integrity of this investigation and not the Republican members during breaks out to talk to the media to tell them what’s that you should have brought your client here cuz it’ll be all live it would all be on the record it all be out there for people to see and he’d be tested by someone where the audience gets to see what it is and what it isn’t I got to come back to you on which is there’s not a shred to any of the allegations now your client put himself in a position of criticism by what he wrote in his text I understand he didn’t think that become public when he was writing them to an intimate I get that but the text came out and they tell a story that he’s going to have to answer for Trump’s not ever going to become president right no no he won’t will stop it now the inspector General’s report found out he had by his for a reason and this seems to be proof of it I want to believe the path you through consideration in Andy’s office at there’s no way he gets elected I’m afraid we can’t take that risk it’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before your 40 these are things that are suggestive of a bias against Donald J Trump was running for president at the time say that that struck and Lisa Page were not fans of Donald Trump I think they both admit that and they both admit that you know these texts which they thought were private and ultimately we’re not some purple language to describe Trump and you know if you go through the times when they’re talking about Trump whether they call him an idiot whether they use less polite terms each of those corresponds to something that’s happening in the campaign is denigrating a family of a fallen war hero and they have an exchange about that sing with a bias what he was doing whatever he was doing because he didn’t like this guy and how could it not affect his decisions a true and then that’s what FBI agents do everyday right everybody’s opinions the only one who didn’t like the FBI who really really dislike Hillary and Bill Clinton doesn’t mean that they acronym threat I think that what he said and I don’t think that or Lisa Page or in a hundred hundreds of Millions Americans including a lot of Republicans thought that it was there was a chance in hell that Donald Trump is going to be elected at that point the allegations are the ones that put Peach drug at the center of this secret society this is Dumbledore’s Army type of underground cell in the FBI there’s no truth to that and his conversations also but I’ve never seen it I hear you on that she’s been investigating this for months and months of 570 page report okay they know why they took different decisions in the in the Clinton email investigation you prioritize different Eye Investigations regarding Trump and Hillary this family things for him to answer for and then you can be surprises getting ready willing and able to answer questions but this form is that I mean I don’t know if you watch the the rod Rosenstein and Christmas that is nothing compared to the way they treated speech truck I want to see the transcript so we can make making it won’t be any fly around most got it thank you very much for making your case for your client the offer stands okay
The lawyer for embattled FBI agent Peter Strzok, Aitan Goelman, says he’s not sure if Strzok will comply with a subpoena from the House Judiciary Committee.

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