Lawyer: Shooting suspect full of ‘simmering anger’

share with you some of the things we’re seeing here for the first time they’ve new images of the Frantic moments when police in Annapolis rush to evacuate workers from that building... Read more »

D.L. Hughley on getting advice from white people

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Trump blasts movement calling to abolish ICE

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Whitney Houston’s brother, sister-in-law on shocking revelations in new documentary

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Neighborly dispute pays off for young lawn-mowing entrepreneur

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Video of police tasing unarmed man in broad daylight sparks outrage

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Gallery shows unseen censored US photos of the 1930s – BBC News

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Kayaking commute: Taking the slow road to work – BBC News

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‘It’s been 50 days since I heard of my son’ – BBC News

TSC como esta USAYessica was separated from her son after they arrived at the US border six weeks ago. She has had no contact with him since. She describes her and other... Read more »

10 young Canadians to watch

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