Thai cave rescue : All 12 soccer boys, coach rescued from flooded Thai cave

it was not an anesthetic but he called it the same medication that he takes to help him relax when he’s actually he’s a he’s a trap shoot or or or something... Read more »

Thai cave rescue live: Watch remaining boys, soccer rescued

I’m ABCs Kenneth moton in New York at the moment the world has been waiting for 12 Tai boys and their soccer coach trap deep inside a cave have been rescue lift... Read more »

Kavanaugh pick puts pressure on red state Democrat senators

West Virginia Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer has not told him he got a hold the line when it comes to opposing president Trump’s nominee Brett Kavanaugh this will turn into a... Read more »

Thai cave rescue diver: ‘I feel very relieved today’

will let me just extend the congratulations to my next guest one of the rescue divers who helped bring those 12 soccer players out of the cave in Thailand Ivan garages with... Read more »

‘Come to Russia’ FIFA ambassador to Brits ahead of semi-finals – Daily Mail

for both near politica Amazon Elizabeth sister store at the first of dogDuring an interview, FIFA World Cup ambassador Victoria Lopyreva called on England fans to come to Russia to ‘support your... Read more »

President Donald Trump’s Job Approval Falls In Latest Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

I will get to the president’s Supreme Court pick and is NATO trip in just a moment but quickly Force the latest Gallup weekly tracking poll shows president Trump job approval rating... Read more »

Coffee Is Good For You (For Real This Time!) | Better | NBC News

coffee is good for you know really it turns out coffee drinkers might be more likely to live longer the news comes from a massive study in Britain called the UK biobank... Read more »

Mission Accomplished: All 12 Boys And Coach Rescued From Thai Cave | NBC News

we’ve got breaking news and it’s good news all 12 boys and their soccer coach have now been rescued from that flooded cave in Thailand bringing an end to a more than... Read more »

Brett Kavanaugh Has Got To Go; Protect Roe’: Protesters Denounce Donald Trump Pick | NBC News

what district is freedom for lgbtq American for equal rights I’m going to say we won’t stand for Donald Trump’s attempt to use the Supreme Court as a weapon against all digraphs... Read more »

Realizing The Dream Of Space: Astronaut Peggy Whitson On First Time Leaving Earth | Mach | NBC News

the first time I got ready to launch into space I was on the space shuttle so as launching out of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida it’s an amazing thing to... Read more »