Kirsten Gillibrand’s sharp left turn on immigration

immigration Kirsten gillibrand to the latest iteration congresswoman gillibrand opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants she opposed a proposal to illegal immigrants obtain driver’s license well now let’s fast forward to last night I don’t think I said today is working as intended Grant the criminal justice from the immigration issues and I think you should reimagine ice under new agency with a very different Mission and take those two missions out and that’s why I believe you should get rid of it start over what two things are clear for gillibrand about face on immigration she’s clearly running for president 2020 no doubt about it and see the what are they right let’s debate the American conservative Union I watched Chuck Schumer after Maxine Waters last weekend come out on Monday and I I remember when I remember when it’s pretty smart and she thought that was getting a little too heated in a wreck and so forth and I imagine he’s worried about this as well because Democrats still have to attract blue collar workers regular people aren’t all that political they hear abolish safety are you worried about that but I do think in the last couple years specially under a trump Administration so let’s talk about what is happening with Congress members of Congress because there is a congressman permillage I Paul who was at this big protest yesterday on Capitol Hill they took over the heart office building arrested 500 people that’s what the capital places up there yesterday and I want you to listen closely to what she said I have been working on immigration issues for 20 years and the enforcement functions I need to be here in a country as ours we do have immigration laws they do need to be enforced but those functions don’t need to be in an agency that has become a rogue agency that literally has no accountability to Congress around the hundreds of millions of dollars that we spent has no accountability they’ve gone Rogue deportation Force kids in cages Etc but you never read any of these stories about this road agency that was somehow out of bounds by the way they get all their money from Congress and you know they’re the executive branch of Congress has oversight over them and they should do that aggressively but the fact is that since you’re going to have we created ice under the bush because at the end of the day you have to have some part of the federal government that enforces our border where they’re going to enforce it or not and when you would force the Border it comes down to individual personal stories and the left will try to make it sound like we’re cool and in somehow inhumane but the fact is when you let criminals come over the Border we have invited them it hurts immigrant communities when people get to cut in line there cutting in line over other people from countries who were waiting in line to come here legally so tax these immigrant communities that are hurt when we don’t enforce our they have a lot on their plate Democratic party is on the far left that’s where it’s at I don’t get it how is that a political strategy for expanding your Bass okay so we need to do something about this agency because you said it against transnational crime organizations 11 me too for a hundred percent kid with you maybe you come with a group of people leave should you should you be sent home go before a judge and see if you have a case require a judge if you cross the border illegally it doesn’t require an immediate according to the MARC Penn pull that he just did said that arrest illegal immigrants for crimes they should be required to notify the authorities immigration authorities take them into custody cities mindset that clearly in the voting public people feel very uncomfortable about large-scale deportations I don’t want to see that what they do want to see crime Jose said they do want to see crime old and dealt with and just letting people who crossed the border illegally can stay Groundswell for that accept among the French yeso for republicans and conservatives Grayson is about the law for Democrats that about it’s about emotion and when you if you want to look at the politics of immigration there are two things that are absolutely right Mark pens study shows it which is this concept of us not being aware of the criminals that live amongst us in this Sanctuary cities Journal Sanctuary counties and states that is bad politics all over at the other thing isn’t that most Americans almost 50% of them when compared to all the other options they believe that people adult to cross the border illegally simply should be immediately the politics of the extreme left on this for the Democratic party and immigration might sound into their vase it’s going to help Republicans come November
Is the Democratic Party starting to embrace open borders? American Conservative Union President Matt Schlapp and former DNC deputy press secretary Jose Aristimuno join the debate on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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