Kenyan hotel, sanctuary allows visitors to have breakfast with giraffes

it’s breakfast time at Giraffe Manor and this morning my table for one has some very lean and lanky party crashers kind of crazy right give me and you have to have a little decorum here one for do one for me fraternizing with the gas is not only allowed but encouraged here so that visitors feel a kinship with these great but increasingly vulnerable animals I usually don’t kiss on the first date your tongue feels a little sandpapery I have to say I’m sure she has some criticisms with me too though what are you doing for breakfast tomorrow last year built in the 19 thirties in the style of a Scottish hunting lodge now owned by 4th generation Kenyans Tanya and Mikey Carhartt Lee everywhere you turn there they are sticking their head bedroom windows mingling with the guests the tee time they just love and traction very different characters even interrupting our interview oh my do we have Margaret Soma Stacy and right at the end is Kelly Kelly is you can see she’s slightly pregnant the stomach is slightly distended but it’s not roster facing what experts called a silent Extinction their population down 40% in just 20 years inexplicably they were only classified as vulnerable for the first time in December 2016 the species of down 60% of the original numbers by 2030 if the trend continues a lot of the species will be extinct a half-million versus just 90,000 which is news even to their guests the history of this place is built simply on that thread indeed Giraffe Manor was created on the premise of saving these elegant Creatures part of the hotel’s land is dedicated to the giraffe Centre which educates the local population and fosters breeding programs to increase your ass in the wild a percentage of every room fee at the matter goes to the center what are the biggest issues facing giraffes is urban encroachment as populations grow and cities expand use their habitats urban sprawl is encroaching on the habitat Park just miles away from Giraffe Manor at 44 square miles is twice the size of Manhattan yet it’s parameters are constantly being whittled down of the giraffe conservation Foundation the Rwandan warm researcher is getting his Ph.D at Michigan State another ubiquitous site so this image basically sums it up doesn’t it but but man is encroaching on his habitat and a few years back you know you never used to have that all this used to be open Alliance back but your ass are being killed off by a far more lethal Predator from Trophy Hunters to poachers that meets skull and bones in some places it’s you know unfortunate believe that bones and brain matter of drugs can create some places that are hunted for their tails only small and in one ambitious project transporting giraffe’s across the Nile River by ferry away from the devastating oil drilling in Uganda as seen in this PBS documentary Africa’s gentle Giants Ralph opportunity for these glorious animals in the last 10 years they will need to do more and get more data and just see what you can do better to protect this populations a grim reality that needs to be shared as nothing’s more dangerous to these beautiful creatures than silence for Nightline on Juju Chang in Nairobi Kenya ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get more video show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
Giraffe Manor, a boutique hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, offers visitors the chance to get close to their 12 resident giraffes.

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