Kellyanne Conway reacts to Trump’s surprise NATO presser

counselor to the president is able to respond to some of the breaking news in the president’s impromptu price or at least that we didn’t know about before Kelly and you think it was a wise move to do with the president did and break for mat leave the Afghanistan meeting Meet the Press for an hour and back it’s excellent it’s in keeping with his transparency and accountability is present this president makes himself accessible to the Press on a regular basis and including on these foreign ships and he’s multilateral Summit let him taking questions where there’s no notes no net people see him in full and what heat the case that he is pressing at NATO was the case that he was pressing before NATO which is everybody should pay their fair share if you think about the one major theme apart from patriotism and an America First that really undergirds is President’s policies is fairness it undergirds his policies on educational choice on tax cuts giving everybody a tax reduction for example it on immigration policy and now of course obviously trade reciprocal of fair trade agreements and now of course with respect to Nato dues let’s review the facts the GDP fun on defense and we’re 1 or 29 countries in NATO but effectively we approximately about 67% of the defense spending the Pony app this is a reasonable request this President can focus on both National Security and economic security membership in NATO or what their domestic priorities are they more security or national security that this president has made very clear and very successfully clear that he can focus on both he’s called for peace and prosperity around the globe he’s obviously he’s thinking big as he always does talking about cures for diseases pees everywhere but piece to him these people paying their fair share in paying for the for the common defense tried and valve and almost insisted for 40 years vote for 4 years other presents right left center of his saying pay your fair share. Thank you for sending this present is actually delivering on it green to make got to pay more quickly to get to the 2% in a relatively short number of years he said there’s breaking news according to the Associated Press French president macron denies the Trump claimed that NATO Powers agree increase defense spending Beyond previous targets so does that mean it’s not more than 2% or does that mean what plagiarism whatever their system of government is France and pays about putting my statistics hear about 1.81% sure they’re close to 2%. Approximately about 53 billion tornado up another countries are our way down the list this President is making clear that he wants people to pay their fair share and by the way everybody from the president Romania to the Secretary of NATO earlier this week praise is Donald Trump our president for 4 pressing that case and saying that he thing is a direct Nexus between the president politely for friendly pressing this case and people being willing to Pony up more money if you go back to the founding of NATO the president wanted to return to its Moorings to its founding what was the purpose of NATO originally was in and he made very clear that he recognizes that other countries I don’t have the same those have the same money frankly don’t have the same fun some don’t have weaponry but when he the present would agree with many people say that we don’t necessarily set with the appropriate amounts are our enemies do what is necessary for the defense what is necessary for their protection pressure pressure if he will let us to this point the president is going to sit down with Vladimir Putin on Monday it’ll be Sunday here on the East Coast at that point if we’re going to be covering it and going overseas to to go cover that about that sit down that meeting and his relationship with Putin listen to this we got along very well you saw that I hope we get along well I think we get along well I but ultimately he’s a competitor to he’s representing Russia I’m representing the United States so in a sense what competitors friend or enemy of my enemy and hopefully someday maybe he’ll be a friend no allies your reaction by the minority leaders in the house and the Senate because they’re always making everything so personal and so political to doing it to judge he said he said just to the farm press within the last hour Ensley that the couple times I’ve met with white Amir Putin you all have been there contrast active President Obama’s who was caught in the hot Mike saying to a Russian official hey after the next elections over I’ll have a little bit flexibility which kind of present would you prefer one that’s caught in the hot mic promising flexibility in secret furtively or president Trump was very transparent about it but will president Trump said in the last hour is is the most important part which is look we’re not he’s a competitor Vladimir Putin is a president Russia president Trump’s represents the United States but if we can find a commonality of purpose on the big issues of the day and of course she’s going to sit down this present says we want peace around the globe he’s he’s saying that if that includes Russia to push back on things like Isis which of course is a shadow of itself under President Trump’s leadership then we will do it but he has the Russian sanctions the Russian explosions from this country obviously pushing back on a sad when he’s gassing his own people in Syria having been propped up by Russia and in so doing we don’t recognize the annexation of Crimea we made that very clear but why wouldn’t the Democrats why wouldn’t peace-loving people all across the country cars their political affiliation welcome an opportunity to find out if there are we in the pursuit of that piece is not Prosperity that we can work together delusion somehow real when they think about Russia they think about 2016 election for the present things about Russia he thinks about 2018
Counselor to the president speaks out on progress made at NATO and the upcoming meeting with Putin.

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