Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s SCOTUS picks, Putin meeting

Monsignor canceled the president join just now from the White House and Kelly and good morning and welcome back it’s it’s Friday and you are in the hot seat here okay so let’s get to the Supreme Court first state of the process if there is not yet a short list of nominees where’s the Presidents had on this senators from both parties because it is the Senate’s job constitutionally to advise and consent the president on such matters and the present is taking into account their advice at the same time it will be a presidential decision this president back to the campaign for two straight years now bill has been very transparent and therefore accountable with respect to the type of person in Diva specific individuals he would consider to put on the nation’s highest court yes as you just mentioned the elevated Neil gorsuch’s been an outstanding tourist in his first term and a half on the Supreme Court but look also add what the president has done in the US circuit courts there are 21 confirm judges on the US circuit courts 1 out of 8 us circuit judges right now is it pointy and so we we already see the way the president approaches this I think Neil Gorsuch and his confirmation hearings put it best when it came to some of these hot-button issues like abortion where he said it’s settled pressing it and it’s not my job is not real whether I like a particular person or don’t and I know people on the other side who are really losing and every turn these days are politically then practically they are going to try to make this about one or two issues we know that this Green Court covers any number of issues under the constitution in a given term just this past week and last week they decided cases on the improprieties in Union dues compelling people using for political purposes obviously they they rolled in the present favorite travel ban State have release opinions of very recently on on the internet taxes so the cord is very active on a breath of issues this president has says he will choose from that list and he’s been very clear in his appointment type of Taurus that he likes peripatetic multitasker he does many different things any given day moment and week I think the sheer volume of velocity of the way he works is mind-numbing too many people I find it to be a privilege so I don’t think that’s a timeline is going to be according to the summit much as the president takes very seriously Supreme Court vacancy and knows that we should we should move with some dispatch in feeling that they can say and I can say I do not need to be confirmed what is he heading into that Summit hoping to accomplish and get done improve relations with countries and its leaders where we can make sense of the United States of America in for peace loving people improve relationships and this President followed the same model that he that he did with the Singapore Summit and mr. Kim with Russian meaning he sent over one of the top diplomats one of his top security officials in the North Korea secretary Pompeo and the case of Russia NFC director of security advisors Ambassador John Bolton and that person goes over there and lays the groundwork we got other people work president has said from the beginning that he is willing to talk to leaders when it is in the best interest of America if Russia and the United States of America that can work on National Security issues together at the present will do that but at the same this president has had no reluctance whatsoever to push back when he has felt spelling Russian officials that he would have more flexibility after the next election you have this present as transparent as can be on on going for president Trump is it some sort of deal on Syria is that is that where the ground can move out with respect to Syria this present is pushed back twice when he’s got his own people with the support of Russia continue the conversation about nuclear-capable North Korea and nuclear capable of ran I mean its presence in so active around the globe to not involve Russian somebody’s conversation and I’m sure because this is what the media will say to is what are you talking about with respect to interference in election everything’s on the table you know when mr. Putin president Trump net the last time that particular one-on-one meeting lasted longer than people anticipate on her why they were anticipating as a certain time line and it covered in a ray of topics and you can expect that to happen again what a hearing that was yesterday Kelly and Christopher Wray find the heads of the FBI in the doj hearing room and face the grilling from Republican lawmakers with the president able to witness a few of those exchanges anger and frustration that we continue to see in this case from House Republicans / lack of documents getting handed over and lack of quite frankly questions getting answered that was a televised a briefing officer Underoath on their answering those questions and director Ray and Debbie attorney-general Rod Rosenstein made clear that they feel they are they are complying with the request some of the Republicans and others disagree house obviously passed a bill yesterday or pass the bill and it is true that many Americans are tiring with the length of the process here that is actually true if you look at the poles and number of people who are saying that the investigations a good idea or has it gone too long as it in your family have the same fortunately the present United States does not allow it to interfere with his major duties beaches to be the chief economic Stewart ever nation’s economy it could not be doing any better than it is we’re having to 6 months tax cut and jobs act anniversary here today and and and frankly Harrison Aries fully briefed on everything of that nature he certainly knows that he certainly knew that the hearing was taking place instantly know some of the highlights of not the specifics and everybody’s been playing on their choice and there’s there’s chosen insure me to clip the last day so I think the president for not being more clear he tweets about and put them on social media off any talks about it freely off in that he believes it is a Witch Hunt and that there was no collusion he he goes back to what we were promised at the very beginning of this which is that continuing to meet with leaders here in America but across the globe and at different Summit to try to bring more peace and prosperity where were human what is the president actively doing right now as far as looking for a replacement always go and focus on every month or two or three months I went back and I looked at a bunch of increase from February December and now from do they all say the same thing I said not to respond to them until allow the pressure off another to do that but here you got responses directly from the president and former Chief of Staff John Kelly yesterday that it’s old news to them conserve Chief of Staff Kelly and I work with whomever the present asked me to work with Here In The West Wing in the crosses Administration but I know that it’s easier and maybe more fun for folks to to to play the power gain and learning the intricacies of policies and against stuff goes so quickly here but I guess eventually everybody’s going to leave it eventually everybody who said people are going to leave will be right specific Fatima the president has a saw to work with and we do I find this place any much more streamlined and much more sophisticated and running it in a very good way year-and-a-half into the presidency and we don’t run around wondering who’s leaving next to going to be for we got to work every day and there’s so much on her plate that you know that’s that’s not one of them I think us being all of America is pieced together that this person is shooter this murder had some kind of grievance against the paper obviously it’s filed a lawsuit lost that lawsuit and seems to have been very active on social media very threatening it seems to me and about this paper and went in yesterday and it did we did a present Express his Symphonies it continues to be briefed by the FBI and others and I will continue to talk about this as the different fax develop but obviously a people who go to work everyday and it’s in Americans should not have this as an occupational hazard and I think it’s our press secretary made clear last night in attack on innocent journalista innocent Americans from all of us what’s the president’s plans next week lot of people our fourth of July week and he’s going to be making a trip out to Montana plan is for him to go to Montana on July 5th and the day before the president and first lady will host for the second consecutive year the military families here at a picnic and then later celebrate America’s Independence are 240 second year of our nation’s Independence out here on the south lawn fireworks display for all the see and we’re very excited because it’s a great celebration of our nation’s Independence in this present is done a great deal to advance the cause of democracy and freedom everything from economic free National Security and freedom in our ability to be free and prosperous and and very positive that you look at the confidence number is historic confidence numbers among consumers among small business owners of my manufacturers the job creation the growth numbers all the critics you can never even get it about 3% that’s fantasy it’s projected to be well above 4% and this I think would had fun in addition to giving the millions of Americans hard-working Americans the bonuses and raises it has a semi Faded Rose and a boy in San optimism in our economy that people feel free to move around in the job market 6.7 million available jobs now it’s outpaces the number of actual job Seekers the next driver the next career move also the repatriation a word that Americans really should learn more handle it cuz you’re going to hear a lot of it Dylan Sandra repatriation of 300 billion dollars so far that was well far can legally overseed that now these tongues I can bring back the corporations that were that people said they’re not going to bet they’re investing in the workplace through investing in their work for us and and also you see the child care tax credit people feel like they can make more free decisions I think the number one and number one is freedom is individual freedom and liberty
Senior counselor to the president speaks out on ‘America‚Äôs Newsroom’ on the Supreme Court justice selection process, the Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin, Rosenstein’s testimony on the Russia investigation and more.

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