Kellyanne Conway on growing calls to abolish ICE

reaction to the growing call to apologize from kellyanne Conway to the counselor to president Trump kellyanne thanks so much for being with us tonight I have not seen anything like this like we saw yesterday 625 675 people Storm Into the Hart Senate Office Building where in the tin foil blanket the 500 getting arrested we had sitting congressman and Senators basically either or sizing and agreeing abolish ice How concerned is the administration that this could actually galvanized the Democrats and turn out to vote in November the immigration Customs Enforcement Agency in this nation is there to enforce all immigration laws Not Just Knee portation attended gillibrand in correctly and accurately States they’re there to protect all these balls they arrested 33,000 criminal aliens who committed all kinds of crimes that would be my numbing to your audience he also sees almost 2400 lb of Fentanyl preconceived that they believe that you can quit reimagined the Small World attraction at Disney World. Reimagining ice you’re letting them do their job by keeping criminal aliens out and buy in forcing all the immigration laws at the put out of places of work and our places of education at the welfare office I believe Laura that when you get past the talker abolish ice which is becoming the left word lurch for the Democratic party at teams including this week it borders on if you get past that do they really know what they’re saying it to me it expands infection mouth from the ignorant to the irrational if you listen to what they’re actually saying and they’re trying to outflank each other on the last offer 20/20 as well they should not be politicizing this at a time when neither very serious matters all siding somebody’s supposed to have a right to protest I guess unless they were arrested at some of them were calling Billy for Anarchy over Authority so we should listen they can’t have it both ways I can’t pick and choose what they want to happen on the altar of a of a convenient soundbite and yet at the same time for 10 that I didn’t did not detect an intake secure enough fentanyl last day or synthetic opiate 50 times the potency of heroin pretend icing protect that was enough to kill every American enough fentanyl last year they seem to kill everything Americans cancel newspaper found the defamation claim he seems completely like I could total whack-job stalked another woman the president issue after issue the language of President is used against the Press has led to a lot of people in the press to say etcetera etcetera that problem the country has is a president reconsidering some of that language and light of what happened yesterday to express sympathy and grief for the victims and their families an outrage over what had happened and when you read lot of the print the print covered I’ve read today it’s very clear that people at the paper said if this person shooter ever comes in here call nine-one-one the former editor said that he had never met anybody so angry as a journalist and all of his wife so they knew that this guy was bad news for them he and sue them on successfully many years ago I went back yesterday to commit the ultimate act of violence violence should not be an occupational hazards is the removal of an occupational hazard if you work in this Administration if you work in journalism if you work anywhere and I think it’s what the president is saying somebody whose calls for a tamping down the rhetoric for a very long time but those who actually call for it sometimes if you listen carefully enough you will get them on social media feeds biggest biggest voice and sometimes it’s something I think is a little bit hotter than covering the next story reporting the quote fact so as he is want to do a calls out violence and evil for what it is including What hap yesterday I don’t really like any of it I’ve been saying it for a very long time and and look me I think you and I are speaking as very tough women but we also mothers and people who just spoke to disagree respectfully as last week really important topic which of the ports was going to happen in Helsinki which is the meeting between the president and Vladimir Putin I happen to think it’s a great idea to engage with a with a major world power regardless of our relationship with them a Time what happened today with Joy Reid and other supplies that Russian definitely didn’t intervene in our presidential election why don’t we believe him when he says so kellyanne your reaction historic Summit with kids in Singapore trying to do Clear Eyes the Korean Peninsula somebody pulled us out of the Iran deal so they’re not just said that their nuclear capabilities this is somebody is this is somebody who has already expelled officials from the country and put sanctions on Russia when when it’s been necessary and also pushed back on Vladimir Putin when he was popping up beside not once but twice and gassing his people so but this is a President Who unlike our last president is trance about wanting to meet with what was President Putin the last president whispered and after the next election I have some flexibility so is there and he’s to these two countries can work on together than the present going to hear that but he doesn’t transparently for all the world to say and I think it’s been another very successful week for this present between the 6th anniversary in 6 month anniversary to text us the ability to fill another Supreme Court vacancy through the retirement death of Kennedy the announcement of another major Summit with another world leader this is a Fresno trying to be increasing prosperity to all the road to getting here at home and he’s succeeding
Counselor to President Trump joins ‘The Ingraham Angle’ to discuss Democrats embracing open borders.

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