Justice Kennedy Announces Retirement From The Supreme Court | NBC Nightly News

Anthony Kennedy’s retirement will set in motion the biggest change in the US Supreme Court in half a century that’s because Kennedy has often been the most influential Justice casting the deciding vote in closely divided cases this was Anthony Kennedy squirt because couldn’t get a major issue decided really without his vote almost without exception if it was a critical ideological hot-button issue it was up to him calling it a respectful and formal but he intends to retire July 31st although Ronald Reagan put him on the court for his conservative credentials he’s been the swing Justice for 12 years ever since Sandra Day O’Connor retire when Kennedy voted with the four conservative justices the court upheld Trump travel ban go to the Voting Rights Act that allowed corporate money and politics when he voted with the for liberals the court cut back on the death penalty declared that detainees at Guantanamo Bay have legal rights and limited State crackdowns on immigrants in most influential actions he wrote The Landmark 2015 decision that struck down bans on same-sex marriage after writing a series of rulings on gay rights a trump replacement for justice Kennedy would give the court of Solid V vote conservative majority the President’s Choice is sure to be far more conservative than Kennedy is the first Trump nominee Neil Gorsuch has been in his first year on the court could also put abortion rights in doubt consistently supported the basic holding of Roe v Wade a trump nominee would probably opposed it Anthony Kennedy turns 82 next month and is the Court’s second oldest Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 85 is retirement will and nearly 31 hours of service on the Supreme Court ask you about the timing why is Kennedy leaving now with President Trump and the kind of person to president nominate to succeed him yet Ivanka and her daughter up here after the inauguration he simply ready to step down let me ask you about abortion rights and gay marriage with Kennedy gone could they be overturned is on record opposing Roe v Wade and even if the other three conservative join him it’s by no means certain the Chief Justice John Roberts would follow them and vote to overturn a president that’s been on the court for 45 years has returned right on gay rights it is true there’s some opposition in the country but about 70% of Americans supported and the court didn’t make it the law of the land until it was already legal in 27 state so I’d say a roll back there is unlikely this retirement but Justice Kennedy did have a final big vote today right yes he voted with his fellow conservatives giving a big blow to unions that represents state and local government employees saying that they don’t want to belong to a union they don’t have to pay any fees in looking for the cost of collective bargaining and that’ll be a setback for union membership and influence latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching

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