Judge slams Trump’s family separations at border

tonight bi Trump Administration is under orders by a federal judge to speed up a slow and chaotic effort to reunite separate separated immigrant immigrant families setting a new 30-day deadline government figures show and this is shocking only six the children have rejoined their families over the past 6 days since the president signed an executive order reversing the separation policy let’s go to corresponding Miguel Marquez he’s joining us from Texas near the Mexican border Miguel. it was very very critical of the Trump Administration it was a very critical judge and it’s worth keeping in mind that this was a judge that was appointed by a Republican and activist and lawyers do not work in the field trying to get immigrants illegal they are pushing the government as hard as possible to implement this ruling immediately reunite families within 30 days ordered a federal judge reversal for president Trump and he’s so called Zero Tolerance policy any sharp rebuke US District Court Judge Dennis several appointed by George W bush called the confusion created by the zero tolerance policy quote a chaotic circumstance of the government own making get that quote my grandchildren are not accounted for with the saying efficiency and accuracy as property the justice department responded by asking Congress for legislation but that seems unlikely the president called it’s a dehumanizing impact of these people playing their countries for a safe-haven separated families and hopes to begin reuniting them soon the zero tolerance policy generating protests across the country in Washington DC to protest won at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters protests also at a detention facility near El Paso and Ice offices in Portland Oregon and helica Rebecca Gonzalez Garcia was separated from her eight-year old daughter nearly 2 months ago the Guatemalan mother seeking Asylum hear back from Honduras whose six-year-old son born with brain damage was taken from her 3 weeks ago they’ve spoken once the little boy asked his mother to come and get him she is very very concerned she’s very fearful she wants to be able to see him herself to hug him herself to make sure that he has a medication that he needs the office of refugee resettlement that is responsible for these minor said that he’s providing Quality Care in his number one priority is reunification but we have not seen it but government accounting 2047 kid’s remain separated from their parents tonight

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