Judge Napolitano: Roe v. Wade won’t be overturned

I think we can have a lot of support I think we’re going to have support from Democrats frankly I think if they if it’s the right person I’m going to pick the right person I’m going to pick somebody that’s outstanding and everybody on that list is outstanding but I’m going to pick somebody was outstanding trap of course in an exclusive sit-down interview with Maria Bartiromo for Sunday morning Futures talking about his pic potential to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy the president saying he will probably not ask his mama need to detail the position of the lightning rod Roe versus Wade nominate coming July 9th that is one week from today for the man who knows all the answers to boxers judicial Alessandra Napolitano about this is the question of I’m not going to ask these questions can you please explain why the president would not a specific question then puts it away I’m not going to ask these questions but someone has asked these questions around the pair free of Roe versus Wade every single one of the 25 people on that list 24 sitting judges or justices one sitting you a set of Mike Lee Beltway Sara Lee’s brother on the list every single one of them is pro-life how do they know they’re pro-life well the president started Outsource the construction of this list to very conservative academic legal groups in the United Society Heritage Foundation precisely and through the writings and the speeches and the iPads and the outtakes that they could find from all these people on their satisfy that they basically share the president’s philosophy now someone say to any of them will you vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade nobody would answer that yes or no because you don’t know the context that we don’t know what they might say what’s a properly decided is it really a federal issue might have better if it were closer to the people and left up to the States owe in New York state legislature would vote to permit abortion in Pennsylvania just giving you an example from history the state legislature might vote to restrict it till those are the type of questions that people will a can the president asked if do they ask if it’s settled law and it’s already a precedent for example it is settled as a president whether you like it or not now I don’t think it’s going to be overturned the way a practicing Catholic and pro-life himself does not believe that fundamental changes should come about in the court the Court’s decisions because of an election the Democrats in terms of the number one issue because 2/3 of the American public wants some form of abortion and if the president nominate someone who will put a Line in the Sand not in his or her hearings but at some point in that’s going to give the Democrats mm ammunition to go then it’s a lot more than this one issue of course kellyanne Conway was on Fox & Friends this morning here’s what she said president wants somebody who has a great experience deep and select wonderful judicial credentials but I am just amazed how yet again the left boiled every single thing including a Supreme Court Justice down to one issue abortion in both counts are far more issues than abortion but the Democrats want to make it this issue because they think it’s a winner for them because they they know everybody on that list as for next Monday or what your look at who probably is under the age of 55 minutes and under the age of 50 as Justice Gorsuch was when when he was nominated someone who has a traditional values in the president want to ask me what I thought you should look for and I said you should look for something cool judicial humility that’s a recognition that the framers made the Court’s third for a reason the Congress sets public policy the president enforces public policy and the courts interpreted and they ought to defer to the other two brand to the extent that they can and only interfere with the other two branches what it is clearly clearly unconstitutional that’s the mentality that he’s looking for I don’t think it’s going to ask about specific well if you know this president that might not go over with them
Fox News senior judicial analyst explains why President Trump’s Supreme Court pick may not matter when it comes to the abortion issue.

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