Jon Meacham: We’re Seeing What A Donald Trump Obstruction Case May Look Like | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

it has been an extremely busy week of fast breaking news on multiple fronts with us to talk about where all of this leaves us Jon Meacham the Pulitzer prize-winning author and historian his latest work is entitled to all of America the battle for our better Angels John thank you for coming on a gentleman we both know one Michael beschloss has a very active and educational Twitter feed and he pointed out the following to us will put up on the screen house Judiciary Committee votes to recommend President Nixon’s impeachment for obstruction of justice today 1974 he included the next day’s New York Times front-page treatment we don’t have to draw any parallels but the question to you is how much more wheel did things get this week dinner now or both for today in current time Schloss who is the Gibbon of Twitter so sometimes sometimes July 74 sees better Jesus very elegant literary term what we forget sometimes in the Maelstrom of what we do in the Maelstrom of severe broadcast and then just the the tsunami of information is that these things do take a good bit of time from June 17th 1972 two until August 9th 1974 was 27 months Joe McCarthy Rose and fell from Lincoln’s birthday and Wheeling West Virginia and 1950 until late 1954 time does not work along the same geological Spectrum as political time political time once action immediately we what we wanted we want a decision we want to finish a new cycle legal time takes longer and I think I don’t know about you but I found out that my lawyer had been taping me and that they special prosecutor of the Statue of Robert Mueller had access to those it would go down as not a good week yeah well one of the one of the great bromides of Watergate is that the hero of Heroes of Watergate were Republicans it’s true if you had to attend that the present day are any names you care to guess there were Republicans on this date in 1974 who voted for article one of impeachment against President Nixon which was really the most significant one and I suspect the one that had it gone to the Senate would would certainly a past bill Coen was with one of those Republicans of Maine Hamilton Fish of New York we talked about it there’s this legend about how Barry Goldwater and Hugh Scott John Rhodes went down to the White House and tell Nixon support wasn’t there anymore but that was August 6th August 5th and one of the things and I think this is worth everybody remembering is moving differently snowball and what happened for Nexen in July of 74 was the house Judiciary Committee under radino who is doing everything you could to be quite fair about it and move move with with with some deliberation when were in the middle of the month this week we’re also celebrating the anniversary of this the Supreme Court said that Nixon had to turn over the tapes and of those tapes was the grey Smoking Gun tape where Nixon actually says we’re I use the CIA to block the FBI from investigating the break-in it led to the obstruction charge and insofar as there is if not a parallel at least one of Mark Twain’s historical Rhymes you know it doesn’t repeat itself but I do think what we saw this week in trumpland was the beginnings maybe even the middle of what an obstruction case might look like we know we always suspected great deal more about what was going on around in that heat that he’s let on and I think we’re beginning to see how it evidentiary Trail may actually bring that home to us and this ladies and gentlemen is why we make it a habit to invite Jon Meacham on our broadcast on my friend thank you very much I always a pleasure thanks bye
Presidential biographer Jon Meacham points out that legal time takes much longer than political time. However, he says the recent Michael Cohen news meant a bad week for Pres. Trump.
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Jon Meacham: We’re Seeing What A Donald Trump Obstruction Case May Look Like | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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