John Brennan: ‘Trump Not Smart Enough To Realize Putin’s Playing Him’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

couple of things that the president said to us in the Oval Office yesterday I was there as part of the pool of what he wants to bring up Siri concerns among some of the president’s critics that he doesn’t seem to be buying his own Intel officials assessments on this seems to still doubt this US government in 2016 election I’m also very concerned about what hasn’t been done to protect our next elections this year as well 20/20 needs to be more things done what have the opportunity to try to manipulate the electoral process he is concerned that if he gives Credence to that it will raise questions more question people’s mind about whether or not about Trump was legitimately elected president as stated clearly is very fearful of the the Mueller investigation the mother relationship between Russia and those who might have been supporting us at Trump during the campaign but I do think he is situation and what the facts and I’m curious as to how you would react to this wood makes this different is the G7 meeting that just took place the rancor within our allies and the suspicions the Deep resentment they have for the secondary sanctions that they’ve decided to impose because we pulled out of around deal but all the other countries are still in the deal and territory extraterritoriality and end challenge the sovereignty is really anchoring McGraw miracle in the leaders of the region the concerns the Allies have here is President Trump any mention North Korea again having met with Ally he is giving into mr. Putin I think that is the concern of the Allies have any allies specially the European allies in NATO feel that Russia is but also the influence that to Russia’s exerting over the European continent Putin playing presidents either not smart enough to realize that mr. Trump is playing him or he doesn’t care and it is quite unfortunate because some of this coming up 70 years of this Alliance partnership that is built on Liberty democracy and rule of law and it’s very important values catering to the authoritarian leaders of the world which is what he’s doing the Putin and others it’s very dispiriting please hearing from you he has problems with things that you said in the past as you are fully aware you are the subject of a New York Times magazine piece called the spymasters stepped out of the Shadows talking about how you’ve increasingly become more vocal taking on this president you don’t call him president Trump me call him mr. Trump right before 3 President Clinton President Bush respect and admiration American people I didn’t agree with it policies but I think what mr. Trump is doing is really unconscionable in terms of continuing to advocate for his own personal interest and doing things that I think are contrary to many year of the United States Global role as well as his continued misleading and telling lies the American public he has no credibility right now those traits those those qualities that we should expect of a president strong words but I think you look at mr. it’s really easy just click on that button down there and for more news from MSNBC click on any of these videos here for the latest interviews and highlights you can get more videos from MSNBC with our newsletters head over to newsletters to sign up
John Brennan, Former CIA Director under President Obama, reacts to news of the Russian Summit between Trump and Putin: ‘I think Mr. Trump is turning a blind eye to [Russian meddling] because it doesn’t help what he wants to do. It poses an obstacle, an impediment to having continuing this relationship with his good friend, Mr. Putin.
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John Brennan: ‘Trump Not Smart Enough To Realize Putin’s Playing Him’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

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