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it’s unbelievable Congressman Trey Gowdy who led I think it was a two-and-a-half-year-old into Hillary Clinton’s handling of Benghazi it’s 2 and 1/2 years will he said it’s time for this investigation to close up shop isn’t being hurt by this investigation right now we are this country is being hurt by it we are being divided we’ve seen to buy us we seem to buy it we need to see the oven if you have evidence of wrongdoing by any member of the Trump campaign campaign presented to the damn grand jury if you have evidence that this present acted inappropriately presented to the American people whatever you got finish it the hell up but I mean to say that and will give him a break because he’s never actually practice law he never even went to law school in fact I think he was a plumber by trade before he got there she doesn’t San the law does understand investigation so let’s give him a free pass for the rest of you who weren’t lawyers good lawyer Contra white that lasted 2420 days and white water which all Republicans were they love that one water entire decade 2978 days and I didn’t hear Trey Gowdy or anybody else while that was going on saying hurry the damn hell up and let’s just don’t know if he remembers this but not my like what 297 days and I filed it after she lost the presidential campaign we put together a Benghazi special committee a select committee what are her numbers today her numbers are dropping bias just but nobody in the Trump campaign did anything wrong as as a a is it’s cold comfort you weren’t actually around during the Russian cam campaign Paul manafort was actually Donald Trump’s campaign chairman and Donald Trump told me during the campaign he had to hire man afford if you wanted to win the Republican nomination because manafort new how to get delegate soap manafort indicted sitting in jail Congressman Gowdy Michael Flynn who actually was the guy that Donald Trump and all of his campaign people told me flew around with Donald Trump everywhere because he kept him come Michael Flynn Congressman Gowdy you said nothing’s been proven guilty Donald Trump’s First National Security advisor so help believe it or not in the transition it to tour the inauguration guilty also cooperating with Robert Muller George Papadopoulos Samantha not really I do get tired of repeating this but if Republicans girls with short term memory loss in Capitol Hill I feel it a public service to keep reminding them I wouldn’t do this but for the fact that Trey Gowdy said that nothing to happen to anybody involved in the campaign George Papadopoulos Washington Post in Spring of 2016 in the middle of his campaign one of these was one of his top two foreign policy advisors guilty also cooperating and by the way we don’t just have to talk to Donny Deutsch about about Donald Trump campaign aides said guilty I’ve been indicted we can talk about the three Russian companies that were indicted why there’s a veritable Cornucopia of indictments in a final round and yeah they’re just saying it that clip I just I hate to do this but I don’t I think maybe I have short term memory loss cuz I really can’t believe the Trey Gowdy said what I’m remembering him Russia is it being hurt by this investigation right now we are this country is being hurt by we are being divided we’ve seen to buy us we seem to buy it we need if you have evidence of wrongdoing by any member of the trunk can Panic campaign present it to the damn grand jury if you have evidence that this present acted inappropriately presented to the American people whatever you got finish it the hell up I got to say listen listen to that second time that’s got it now I’m confused told him Donnie glass of water on a hot Meridian Mississippi day play Dixie Youth Baseball in my youth because I’m not I’m not as concerned anymore because dancing are thousands of reports have been out over the past 6 months of this is hurting Russia anybody the Trump campaign I just picked it up one more time he said if anybody the Trump campaign did anything wrong okay yeah okay of Silence in memory of of the congressman’s memory and then let’s just look at this and soak it in and then we’re going to talk to a guy who’s wearing a bow tie that shouldn’t hold on let’s listen to can’t count Bobby Trey Gowdy’s wife show me know that must be true because Putin or no more geo-political enemy to our president where in tires intelligence community’s already said they have medaled know it ain’t so I feel better so I think everything diamonds don’t matter I think it doesn’t matter that I’m always doing everything is doing cuz he’s going to the end they come up and say Putin was right so dropping happen one thing there is an investigation that is hurting this country and it is in fact the Congressional investigation that is not being handled responsibly in the house where at least two senators doing something directly acting like public servants in the senator there was a great he was George Conway Road Great Lost Their column saying standard we hold non-lawyers to a different standard you know there was somebody was like talking about how one constitutional Robert Mueller’s investigation wasn’t George Conway said you know what Donald Trump and didn’t know any better but this is one of the co-founders to the Federalist Society so we should really be ashamed of himself that he’s actually in the words of the former Chief Justice rehnquist retching words from their proper context Trey Gowdy my god he has no he is an officer of the court I consider somebody has been a lawyer an officer of the court officer of the court to lie like that and he knows what investigations are like he understands Robert Mueller is moving at a Fast & Furious pace and he understands that he’s in the middle of investigation that his move with r efficiency over the past year Trey Gowdy knows better corruption cases which is what this is there complicated they take time this one has International Financial legs and yet here Miller is moving at lightning speed with indictments in double digits in the first year and that’s really remarkable the second thing that gabino’s is it everything that happens in the grand jury happens behind a veil of secrecy and that fruit for good reasons to protect the Integrity of the investigation he doesn’t know what motor is been doing in the grand jury we know that the Russian troll Farm indictment is there we know that mother has been talking with folks like Rodger Stone there’s clearly another shoe to drop and I think the question is how many shoes and how close they landed Donald Trump’s front door absolutely right that’s for sure you know yesterday to me look like they were trying to come up with a reason some sort of a hook that they could use to pull Rod Rosenstein out of the justice department they were trying to push his buttons the accused him of lying under oath I’ve never sting Rod Rosenstein. Agitated in any situation I thought he handled himself remarkably well standing up for the best principles of the boy Donald Trump appointed earlier this year that John Kelly was thinking about stepping down as Trump Steve chief-of-staff new reporting that it could come sooner than expected and will he be replaced Morning Joe will be right back thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day’s biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more for Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching
House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-SC, is calling for an end to the special counsel’s Russia probe. Yet Rep. Gowdy appears to be forgetting the length of the Benghazi investigation, which is among one of the longest probes in U.S. history.
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Joe: Trey Gowdy Knows Better | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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