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I I’m trying to think of what my father would say at this point I think he would and you scared to even try and put into words what is analysis of this would be there was in a lot of potential in this meeting a lot of opportunity for the Atlantic Council what positive how do we describe the negatives here it’s really hard to describe I was just thinking while you were talking before you mentioned it about big head about what your father would be saying at this point and especially looking forward to the meeting with Vladimir Putin I’m going to be covering that for you all in Helsinki on Monday morning we’ll all be together again and it’s all going to be happening right during this these hours where he’s going to be having one-on-one meeting without no takers without advisors but I actually given the the role that John Bolton and other advisors have played I’m not sure that they are being that would make any difference because that role of national security advisor with your father occupied in the White House is so critical and now we understand why why HR McMaster was fired because he he could not have remained silent while this was going on president was willing to take out there in Brussels the translation of the comments that she may just moments ago I’ve experienced myself a part of Germany controlled by the Soviet Union and I’m very happy today that we are united in Freedom that has the Federal Republic of Germany and just say that we can determine our own policies and make our own decisions and that’s very good by the behavior of the president United States right we just saw a group of children being rescued from a cave and Thailand the world was thrilled to see it in here in America we are taking children from their parents operation balls children put together with them we have a country where the president knighted states is separating himself from the rest of the world seemingly where are the voices here where where are the people in public life who stand up and ask the question whose country is this is it Donald Trump’s or is it ours well be we talked about history and now they’re still going to remember this moment it’s it’s hard Mike every time something like this happen it’s hard to not turn do members of Donald Trump’s son party again Trump lifelong Democrat became a republic and when he figured out that racism birtherism 2011 would help him win the nomination but where are they fantastic but I’ll tell you if I were there I would be rounding up a group of people we would go down to the White House or we would give a gift to a press conference azra publicans in front of the capital defending NATO and calling out the present for his comments you know it’s not hard at all it helps you in your District this is what I don’t understand about these cowards every time whole numbers went up because people want somebody who speaks their mind they want somebody who’s independent they want somebody who’s not scared these people are cowards now we were at the point where they would rather lose the country then lose their own election they are more concerned about what happens this fall then they are with what’s happening with coming with an alliance again and that has made America the strongest the most powerful the most free country on the planet forget the fact that we have fed in three more people than any Planet it any any country free the world let’s just be selfish about this we have a 19 trillion-dollar economy the post-war. Has been defined as what the American Century not the Luxenberg Century for the Brussels Century or the French cyst cause of what we have done in setting up this system this post war historians call this the American Century despite our political problems still is we still are the most powerful country in the world militarily beautiful we still the most powerful economy in the world and by the way we were the day Barack Obama left office we were the day George W bush left office we were the day Bill Clinton left office White Lotus apart unless you were trying to help gladimir Putin Donald Trump is the most Vivid manifestation of the least attractive characteristics in the Nashville character we haven’t been captured by Donald Trump we have had our worst instincts affirmed exacerbated and put front of the world I think to suggest that somehow or another he has hijacked the country lets the rest of us off the hook because right now the kind of Courage you’re talking about is required not simply of people who are an elective office but all of us is y conversations like this matter Jefferson said and men should be participate tours in politics not at elections only but everyday and the only way to get through this particular our crisis I think it is a crisis in the classic sense that we will know at the end of it whether the patient lives or dies which is the original meaning of the word and it was the crisis is supposed to be that important this was to be a life-or-death matter a Health crisis help the country has fully the capacity to do the wrong thing the wondrous thing about the country is that at least 51% of the time when we have actually let those better Angels when we have open the arms drops with Berlin reviews the Berlin airlift we have colon Powell Once Around the World protecting our power and the only thing I ever ask for is our debt and Elizabeth Donald Trump is succeeding in undermining the international American order because there is nobody in his own party pushing back at them others nobody in his cabinet pushing back at him I saw a video a couple of days ago with a woman who put on a Puerto Rico shirt and was abused followed around by a racist write while a cop just sat there and did nothing that’s what the Republican party has done its it would be really easy to intercede and step in and stop this the Republicans just choose not to so they did they didn’t pass the resolutions but yesterday I believe forming support for NATO I also wanted to talk address John meet you in when he talked about our better Angels you know when we talked about this is about the separation of families but I would like to know that because of the courts who who says it added the judge out in on the west coast who said that the Trump Administration can’t hold families for more than 20 days and because of the pressure from the public and the president’s executive what we have now with it with our immigration crisis is that families are rving it’s for back to catch a release under up under the Obama Administration so I think that the things work in the country that they’re there is a system of checks and balances have over perfect because I think now with their families are not being separated they’re being kept together for 20 days and they’re being given court dates and being released into the country what do you want that or not we were now back to what was the Obama Administration considers us more Humane policy I think that in some ways that things are working in the country the way they’re supposed to is biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more for Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching
Many Republicans and members of Trump’s cabinet could intercede and stand up for NATO and push back against the president’s remarks, says Joe Scarborough. The panel discusses.
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Joe: GOP Could Stand Up, But They Choose Not To | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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