Jimmy Fallon on SCOTUS vote: Mitch, please!

Victoria still the Supreme Court I read that before announcing his retirement Justice Anthony Kennedy met with Trump for a half an hour and she wasn’t planning to retire but after 30 minutes with Trump is like we will vote to confirm Justice Kennedy’s successor dismal Nitch imperative that’s sweet man that’s like refusing to pet a golden retriever outside this is so crazy now Donald Trump to leave a mark on this country for decades to come like it’s not going to go away it’s like he’s giving America judicial herpes how do you say that you can a Republican senator Mitch McConnell wants to send it to vote on Trump’s Supreme Court pick even though he refused to hold a vote on Obama’s nominee when they’re that Democrats like Mitch please Donald Trump is going to shape America this guy America is this guy bing bong bong bing bing bing seriously this guy some steaks are by far the best tasting most flavorful beef you’ve ever had all the people that could have been it’s this guy that if you were my daughter perhaps I’d be dating her I’ve been really Tryin baby trying to hold back this feeling for so long anyway Tortas about Anthony Kennedy for second he seemed like you forgot Kennedy’s last name take a look at this Justice Anthony you know when we did a great job serving the United States of either how do you forget the name Kennedy it’s one of the most famous names in American history is that why Trump witches names and all his building so he won’t forget it my name is John Tower
The comics discuss Sen. Mitch McConnell, Justice Anthony Kennedy and more.

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