Jermaine Loewen: From Jamaican orphan to NHL player

waitress here trying to get on the board Jermaine will wait for the last 4 years with the Western Hockey League tablet flavors it was really emotional for me when you realize where he came from the lost the experience in his life Early Childhood to go from that to this moment it’s kind of like wow parents abandon him when he was one-year-old he was sent to live and it to make an orphanage like I fight to survive but one thing I chose to love in spite of all the things that people did to me in even to this day like all the memories I come back I just really try to just forgive everyday and his wife Tara were volunteering with a Christian organization in Jamaica when they met Jermaine in the orphanage they fell in love with him and decided to adopt him there was something really special about your main from the beginning he just he just looked like he needed a family I didn’t know what parents was really till up to that point Manitoba he was so brave his resiliency encouraged was obvious even back then and his I’m not giving up and I think lots of that preserve urine sand and resiliency has really helped him in hockey as well Jermaine got his first pair of hockey skates as a Christmas gift when he was sick he played his first indoor hockey game here at the arbor Garena just before his 11th birthday 6 years later he was picked up by the Kamloops Blazers are the Western Hockey League and now he’s been drafted by the Dallas Stars and they said teammates one could ever have so he’s earned it people are thrilled for him his mom said his family is proudest of all he did really good and that I will keep hoping and hoping that he will do is dream we see God’s fingerprints all over his life and his journey he just has had so many really amazing opportunities and doors open to him there’s no guarantee Germain will ever play as thing NHL game but he’s making the most of this opportunity listen to instruction the best of my abilities and I’m just be a person that people want to be around hoping I will be in tired by his story and believe dreams can come true Karen paules CBC News Arborg Manitoba
Jermaine Loewen was once an orphan in Jamaica and now he’s making NHL history. CBC’s Karen Pauls reports.

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