Jeremy Corbyn: Danny Dyer ‘says it like it is’ about Brexit – Daily Mail

to begin negotiating what brexit means and I don’t blame you online poker do you think we all know what it looks like two years to at least sent out what his position is they haven’t even produced the white paper and apparently they’re only going to do that off to the cabinet’s weekend and check is next weekend which is no doubt going to discuss these things and quite ridiculous we looking at July 2018 and leaving Days is March 2019 we still haven’t even produced at one time beekeepers in the single Market in the Customs Union to try and protect the economist position introducing a deregulated economy on the shores of Europe instead we would keep on eating strengthen employment regulations on others and we would also want to negotiate a trade and Customs Arrangement which protected jobs in Supply chains for Industries movie on both sides Airbus BMW and many others very concerned about the future and we very concerned about all those people that work in those industry spend those communities It Rhode Island might you change your mind if circumstances change and that it’s going to be a new deal policy on Parliament the job to do to negotiate a future I wanna go see a shins would be working with your about trade with Europe and the by protecting the rights of EU citizens to remain Britain and also bring their family safe this coming to have two years it made no progress at all keeps on threatening to do special deals with Trump buddy else which would undermine what is almost half Boulevard trade what television last night the way of saying things but he was expressing a frustration that no other people feel that he thought I was somebody that wants to live in a country that has a degree of a quality of a Jeep better than it does now and he says it like it is and I like I do watch EastEnders noise acting on that
Labout leader Jeremy Corbyn is under fresh pressure to soften his Brexit stance after members of Unite union backed a referendum on the final exit deal. They also warned that quitting the Single Market would leave Britain worse off. Mr Corbyn has been warned his position on Brexit is out of kilter with many Labour Party members who backed Remain.

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