Is President Trump’s zero-tolerance border policy working?

I look for you and Dan bongino the former NYPD officer who lives in New York former secret service agent and host of The Dan bongino show hey Dan this morning happy Monday Administration Zero Tolerance policy is really working if you look at the numbers of who’s been apprehended Down On the Border in June there were 34000 this past this past month the month before that 40,000 a drastic difference is it working or or ice agents just not arresting as many illegal immigrants South America and sometimes the Central America and they’ll tell me quickly it was easier to stay you would probably be let out if you were detained at the border I’m you didn’t have to return this is on the ground when you go down at work does get out that zero tolerance is in effect and you may want to think twice about going up north I illegally the Border if they’re thinking about going north is it if I get caught I’m going to go to jail and if I’m with my family you know we’re all going to be in jail when did Obama administration released that’s the problem people do not want obviously Steve they didn’t care much about the they decided to cross the border illegally in the first place entering without inspection which is a misdemeanor or a felony if you do it again that’s it catch and release that’s the linchpin new Democratic party is open borders another seems to be potentially socialism is we saw this candidate win the primary in the Bronx running on a platform as a Democratic Socialist ilysm reflects the future of the party there I think what she did was she did the hard work she pounding the pavement and she was out there talking to everyone for consistent and I think that was the difference she turned out her voters and then reflected the needs of her District how fractured is a Democratic Party B2B socialism is a disaster the only people who support socialism are people who don’t prefer socialism government control I always say about social who’s the real problem to them if they let this get a foothold in their party embraced this woman here in New York New York 14 he’s been embraced by the mainstream media the Democratic party but she wasn’t quick Community organizer she’s very good at getting people Steve I ran in a race I lost them but I actually won the race on Election that lost four days later in the absentee count it would have been a massive upset and you know how I did it I knocked on 7000 doors myself Bronx one by 4000 votes in an election it what was the turnout 20% or worse it was off like something like 30,000 people Bernie Sanders basically won the Democratic primary if it hadn’t been rigged and he ran is the exact same level thank you
Dan Bongino reacts to the dip in Border Patrol arrests.

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