Is President Donald Trump Trying To Dismantle NATO & The EU? | The Last Word | MSNBC

well it’s finally getting one of the things that he seem to want the most drop the schedule to hold a summit meeting with Vladimir Putin all the details of what Trump statement from the White House relations between the United States and Russia and range of National Security issues yesterday discuss in the 2016 presidential election when you need some food however it to say they had nothing to do with Melanie and our election meeting with Putin all the NATO Summit in Belgium today we learn about nato in a private meeting during the G7 Summit is as bad as NAFTA it’s too much too costly for the u.s. Deport also said the tripe made the comment after telling the g-7 leaders that Crimea probably should because to the president of France he asked why don’t you leave the EU and said the different exited the union Trump would offer a bilateral trade deal with better terms in the EU as a whole get a better term than in the whole United States impact of all this news on US foreign relations in Western democracy world it’s good for us that’s good for everybody NATO’s bad choice because there’s a reason all of this is coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth and I wrote an entire check Donald Trump is a spies dream I mean he is just the perfect malleable character and he’s playing that dead off to my Scout button 2013 he had a meeting at the Nobu restaurant for 2 hours with the top 12 witches so when he goes to the swedes and say oh you’re not a member of NATO but you participate from time to time in the United States should be like that too he means at the Russians have told him that when he says the European Union because the Russians are his base and he will never betray his face and he is more than willing to bet he’s already done it several times about that Jason we now know that Paul manafort who is his campaign chairman was in debt to the tune of 10 we have no idea what kind of information that Donald Trump will say just bragging investment opportunity these meeting with Kim Jong on a tan when it’s not to do anything other than a switches on Eagle he wants to create a new alliance of but dictators across the world that will make him feel better medical term for that is the axis of autocrats crafting autocracies all throughout Europe Western Europe and Eastern Europe the Czech Republic little league this is not going to end well for us democracy to be that other he feels that being in and being a person who can rule without the constraints of rule of law that George Washington Alexander Hamilton clearly interested in the security of the United States is it the founding fathers of the put together this country and perfect branch of government has advocated that responsibility actually do checks and balances people who elect someone who fundamentally doesn’t love United States of America and that’s what we have right now 15 minutes fathers indeed believe that at some point the populist come in there and start organization of the Constitution of the United States European Wrath of the Russian strategy Atlantic Alliance Atlantis insult the Washington DC to the European capital the intent of breaking news Donald Trump engineering will go from Moscow to the European capitals what I don’t understand Jason I’m sorry is why Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are okay with it dangerous thing to this Administration if they don’t do something to fight if they stay unfortunately the truth Jason Johnson Malcolm Nance subscribe button below for more from the last word in the rest of MSNBC
Today, the White House announced that Trump will meet Putin in Finland as reports come that the President is pushing policies only the Russians would love: leaving NATO encouraging France to abandon the EU. Malcolm Nance joins Joy and explains why “democracy is under direct attack and it comes from the White House, partially, itself.” Jason Johnson also joins the discussion.
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Is President Donald Trump Trying To Dismantle NATO & The EU? | The Last Word | MSNBC

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