Inmate films French gangster Redoine Faid escaping in helicopter – Daily Mail

Redoine Faid (inset), 46, who was once France’s most wanted man, broke out of the prison in Reau in the capital’s southeastern suburbs, with the help of two accomplices in an operation lasting just ten minutes. They used smoke bombs and angle grinders to overcome wardens in the facility’s visiting room where Faid was talking to a brother – before escaping in a helicopter hijacked from a terrified flight instructor. In video captured inside the jail, inmates can be heard cheering as guards sprint through the prison grounds (top right) and a helicopter hovers overhead (left). This morning a huge manhunt, involving nearly 3,000 police officers was underway across. French Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet said the commandos most likely ‘used drones to survey the location’ beforehand. Bottom right: Police surround the abandoned helicopter.

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