Ingraham: Trump calls out the real Russian collusion

I don’t know about you but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Grim faces on some of those other cable networks today after president Trump’s meetings with his NATO counterparts and Russell’s it was obvious that pundits and writers their scripts long before Air Force One even touchdown in Belgium of course Trump was going to be an American Wrecking Ball and then the richest country and NATO is enriching Russia very countries that the alliance wants protection from Russian you would have heard me speak both of the Nordstrom one and the Nordstrom to energy pipeline projects which are funded by Russian business interest and make Russia and maybe even pooped himself billions of dollars energy profits not presumably that’s enough money to mean that Germany can finally pay all the money into NATO dues that actually owes how can you be together when a country is getting his energy from the person you want protection against or from the group that you wanted section we are still driving but we have seen it Chief responded to Trump’s very specific concerns with a flurry of generalities punctuated by finalities that’s not very convincing trunk of your energy Supply will you’re giving up a huge amount of your personal autonomy while at the same time you’re giving Russia the rope to hang with or maybe the light switch to electrocute you with to keep the right analogy going as the Washington Post rightly noted today Germany’s energy relationship with Russia has a long frustrated Washington and Eastern Europe who fear that the Nordstrom to pipeline which will bypass the Baltic Nations and Poland used to cut them off from crucial energy supplies former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is a top executive at the Russian government control company that runs the pipeline do you like to see Schroeder Swiss bank accounts to know how much he had to be paid to agree to that disrupt Germany’s cozy relationship with Russia he’s doing what friends off and do with friends who’ve gotten off track he’s having a Frank and brutally honest conversation with them and hopes of writing their course and repairing the relationship German Chancellor Angela Merkel reactive suggestion that Germany is captive to Russia this way instant Independence a long wait until he decides to shut down that gas line did you hear an answer to Trump’s actual charges or questions I didn’t as the American president Donald Trump is over in Europe look out for our interest and of course for the independence of our allies which thinks it’s really important and rightly so the Free Rider days have come to an end Americans elected Trump in part because they wanted to make sure but the billions that we spent overseas are billions very well spent what a novel concept today Donald Trump is the most Vivid manifestation of the least attractive characteristics in the Nashville character we haven’t been captured by Donald Trump we have had our worst instincts affirmed exacerbated and put it in front of the world could not be doing Putin’s bidding more effectively if he were an active agent Vladimir Putin and the KGB ridiculous comment to pay their fair share is is going keep this Alliance together by keeping our military expenditures we pledged to do and then keep those at 11 will that is fair for going to percent my favorite of all the criticisms Trump’s NATO meetings today is Merkel remind him of Hillary healthy relationship strong women that’s what it’s all about Eastern Europe or a country that’s been undermining its future safety while asking us to pay for their protection it’s all about strong women. 1 molar has come up empty in his quixotic Quest Define trump collusion with Russia but perhaps he should turn his investigation to Germany we’re politicians current and former are all too happy sell out their own people for cheap Russian gas I won’t hold my breath waiting for that probe to start in the meantime I’m glad we have a president who is unafraid truly dangerous International collusion where it exists and he’s actually willing to do something about it and that’s the angle
What is clear after today is that Donald Trump is not only not sucking up to Putin, he is trying to disrupt Germany’s cozy relationship with Russia.

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