Ingraham: The Democratic meltdown and the war on ICE

700 Soul left Des marches over the weekend organized to protest president Trump zero-tolerance approach to border jumpers we have children Lowe’s in cages crying for their mommies and daddies we know we are better than this how we say the power of the people and we’ll be a lot stronger than the people in power did you hear that Donald Trump where’s the love Donald Trump I don’t even know who that is despite the fact that President Trump because you watch the Ingraham angle isn’t really worried about the kids oh well maybe it is but if they were really worried about kids they would be a regular Rally’s in Chicago and Baltimore unacceptable protectively High number of children are left fatherless or even die themselves because of gang Bangerz and fighting turf wars about what’s most upsetting to these protesters Trump’s approval numbers keep edging up so the only recourse is to demonize Trump as a heartless baby Jailer always say kids in cages it like also an opportunity of course for Democrats to try out new radical policy positions at 28 year old socialist in New York Democratic incumbent of course Joe Crowley Democrat number for the party the party’s Old Guard has been reeling now there’s training for relevant and they’re tripping all over themselves to align with that Millennial socialist they want to abolish immigration Customs Enforcement because that was a big part of her this is the whole insecurities major enforcement are let’s not forget Democrats Dash leftward and endorser idea we believe that we should protect families that need our help and that is not what I said doing today and that’s why I believe you should get rid of it start over and build something that actually works book a nice group of incompetent at this point there focus more on toddlers than terrorists and instead of focusing on stopping bad drugs from coming in and stopping dirty drug money from going out there focusing on separate can smear families hey dick the policy doesn’t exist any longer separate kids at the border Customs and Border Protection its border control border patrol that arrest illegals at the border and runs them through processing this is the law enforcement agency that was set up remember after 9/11 protect us from International Security threats particularly those posed by people in the country illegally so how ironic is it that for New York politicians Senator gillibrand Mayor de Blasio and Congressional candidate ocasio-cortez are now leading the abolish ice movement charged Nifty shows that 88% believe that family to cross the border illegally should not be separated 76% on secure borders than 53% believe we should prosecute those entering the country illegally well 64% agree that you should send the Border crossers back home but no matter where they stand on the nuances of immigration policy a whopping 70% want stricter enforcement of existing immigration law going to do that exactly if you abolish the agency that’s charged with investigating human trafficking drug and weapons drug smuggling weapons immigrants and then they remove them from the country Democrats that so if criminals make it over the Border are we just to let them rot across the country good light look on turning that into a into a plot plan more than actually wins votes you get rid of lice you’re going to have a country that you’re going to be afraid to walk out of your house I love that issue bigger than actually do that this seriously talking about that you are going to have a country that’s crime-ridden the border patrol the border patrol agents ice these people are incredible to their lowest level since February according to the AP that was a story but it’s Democrats been melting down a national law enforcement agency with 20,000 employees American safe and communities the solution only sounds like an idea that it here at some undergrad students enter over some like Ben & Jerry’s it’s also the Democrats push to abolish it does off key as the entertainment at some of their big rallies over the weekend I’m just going to sing a lullaby for those parents until they can send them to the kid compassion when you fall apart fantastic composing somewhere so what did they do this weekend other than listening listening to them off K performances they turn to the one the community organizer in Chief himself Barack Obama appeared with all the little people at a Beverly Hills fundraiser this weekend making his first appearance in months he declared the Gathering a mope free zone and while the word is that he’s been devoting himself to fundraising for his library and writing his Memoirs Obama is now DNC fundraising committee more than $100,000 a plate and without mentioning Trump he told the Swanky crowd this is a moment of great urgency and you’re right to be concerned then with the cell referential are he mused we shouldn’t expect politics Pizza Hut’s easy for him to say last year in between like Tahiti and Richard Branson’s private island in the Caribbean effective Democratic Leadership all of this is the Fulfillment of what Obama first ushered into his party the Obama era and the party is Left Behind always prize style over experience and and now a new generation of inexperience charismatic left us are moving to the for the party they’re giving speeches or leading marches and the resisting Trump but original sinking and a governing strategy continue with every tax of the left they merely a strange themselves from the vast middle and working class of this country catering only to the progressive Elites in Manhattan Malibu should this continue come November well voters even Democratic ones maybe pulling the lever to abolish the Democrats and that’s the angle
Should this continue come November, voters — even Democratic ones– may be pulling the lever to ‘Abolish the Democrats.’

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