Indian student: I said I was black to get into med school

it was reported today that the Trump Administration will be revoking obama-era legal guidelines in which the federal government encourages College to use race as a factor in admissions is it encouragement if that’s the case it’ll be a long-awaited blow in favor of equality and civil rights and standards in American Life in more and more parts of our life in this country critical decisions are being made simply on people’s appearance on race or gender instead of an actual measures of achievement or married and that’s terrifying obviously one of the places where Merit is most critical is in medicine We Trust positions to make a life-or-death decisions they do everyday confidence is critical they’re obviously medical schools don’t see it that way when applying to medical school to critical factors are an applicant GPA and the score on the Medical College admissions test the MCAT and a high MCAT score you’d want that for your doctor but the standards is not the same for everybody it differs by appearance for example applicants with an MCAT of 27 to 29 and a GPA of 3.4 to 3.5 9 if you have numbers and you’re Asian you have a 21% chance of getting into medical school if you’re white you have a 29% chance of getting in with those numbers but if you’re Hispanic you have a 60% chance of getting it 81% acceptance rate with those numbers letter words with an identical scores an African-American applicant was four times as likely to be admitted as an Asian Shirley because of appearance Vijay chokalingam the dark underbelly medical school admissions he is of Indian Heritage but he wanted to go to medical school so he shaved his head and started going by his middle name which is JoJo he presented himself as African-American he says it made all the difference and got them into medical school he has written a book on this experience called Almost black we spoke to him recently he was part of the conversation thank you very much for joining us tonight show you are convinced based on your experience that your race or what the medical school perceived your race to be was critical in getting it so exactly like you mentioned I reviewed the statistical data published by the American I figured out that I was much more likely to get into admission as an African-American is an Asian-American so I came up with that scam that you described earlier I managed to get into Washington University and the University of Pennsylvania which are the third and fourth best medical schools in the country at the time and I manage to get into St Louis University School of Medicine despite the fact that my 3.1 GPA was dramatically lower than their average of 7 so my plan paid off much more than I expected what does it say about the people who run medical schools if they’d be willing to lower standards for Physicians many of what people open in the name of some abstract diversity goal that seems Reckless so as a result of this system they essentially allows students who are not as qualified as others to get in now I don’t want to talk about the end product whether this results in Physicians who are of lower-quality but I will say that it is a c legalized for racism the universities are promoting and medical schools are promoting discrimination against asian-americans on a massive scale and it also promotes a negative stereotypes about the competency and professionalism of African-American Physicians and Healthcare professionals you know it’s important to realize that there was a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign shutty which showed that affirmative could actually promoted negative stereotypes about African-Americans and Hispanics stupid critical to practicing medicine so I never graduated medical school so I can’t say that is but ultimately we want to live in a society where you judge someone based on there are you erase should not be relevant to your ability to practice medicine or anything effectively and that’s not the type of society would you want to promote necessarily sure you taking criticism for this I think your hero for doing it and I would love to hear your critics explain exactly what you did wrong because they can thank you for joining us I appreciate it
‘War on Standards’: Stats appear to show that medical schools are not considering all medical students equally and are putting diversity before quality. Vijay Chokal-Ingam, who’s of Indian heritage, says he presented himself as African-American, and it helped him get into medical school. #Tucker

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