Immigration bill fails despite plea from Trump – Daily Mail

no I want them to do what they wanted you know the problem we have and I told him this morning I said hey past it if you can but I also want them to do what they want we have a big immigration Bill like everybody does like you stalking and everybody talks about immigration now I think more than ever before I told them a few hours ago I should look past something or come back with something that would be a derivation but get something about the problem we have is we need Democratic votes in the Senate and that’s why I don’t get overly excited with the hospital right now because it’s not going to pass in the Senate you’re not going to get your not going to get the Democrats to vote for anything if we gave them a hundred percent of what they wanted and then doubled it they still wouldn’t pass it because they think it’s a good election for a night I think it’s good for us because I think strong borders I don’t even know how you feel about that but I think strong borders and no crime is that’s us and I think that’s going to be a great election point for us I told them 2 hours ago I said you know do what you want and ultimately will come to something and perhaps it’ll be after the election maybe it’ll be before but as of this moment Democrats are not going to vote for anything because they really a resisting or obstructing have to be together but what we really do is we believe in very strong borders no crime and the Democrats believe in open borders and plenty of cry because that’s what you get with the open-borders China and everybody is a very good thing

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