Immigration bill fails despite last-minute Trump plea – Daily Mail

HR 6136 a bill to amend the immigration laws and provide for border security and for other purposes G6 the border security and Immigration Reform Act has been touted as a compromise bill but don’t let that fool you this bill Cuts legal immigration by 40% this bill cancel diversity green cars this bill eliminates most family reunification and finally this bill hurts asylum-seekers this bill is anything but a compromise is anything but fair and insert not pro family that’s what we need to do today we need to win by defeating this motion recommit and passing this important legislation that brings America forward in addressing migration issues and appropriate fix for the DACA population securing our borders and moving toward a merit-based immigration system that this country needs that is what we’re about today projectile motion recommit pass this bill I go back on the motion to recommit questions on the motion all those in favor say aye those opposed no can you chair the eyes have it Progressive doesn’t pay for taking recorded but will rise V number having a resume recorded vote is ordered and it’s not the eyes or 121 the mazor 301 the bill is not pass directions to motion to reconsider is laid upon the table

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