‘I’m A Very Stable Genius,’ President Donald Trump Says As NATO Summit Ends | NBC News

the United States commitment to Nato is very strong remains very strong but primarily because everyone the spirit they have the amount of money that willing to spend the additional money that they will be putting up leaving NATO I think that is a very important probably the greatest ever done but the United States was paying for anywhere from 70 to 90% of it depending on the way you calculate that’s not fair to the United States in addition to that as you know where in the go locations with the EU and we’re going to be meeting with them next week we’ve been treated very unfairly on trade our Farmers have been shut out of the European Union now you can say they’re different but basically to a large extent of the same countries German is coming along and still have to figure out what’s going on with the pipeline because the pipeline is coming in from Russia so we’re going to have to figure that out I brought it up nobody brought it up but me and we all are talking about it now some people ask themselves where you be tweeting differently to board the Air Force One thinking people that do that I don’t I’m very consistent I’m a very stable genius meeting with President Putin on Monday and I think we going to that meeting looking for so much we want to find out about Syria we will of course ask your favorite question about meddling I will be asking that question again but will also be talking about the other things will be talking about Ukraine Ukraine win today by the way and I was very interesting to hear what they had to say so excuse me while he may I mean lucky Mega. What am I going to do with it he may deny it I think it’s one of those things did you and Dad don’t do it again but he may deny I mean well you’ll be the first to know I said I’m going to a few hot spots we have NATO that we have the UK and then we have food and I said and maybe the easiest of the mall you never know a NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe I clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos here to watch the latest interview show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
Donald Trump spoke out about U.S. commitment to NATO and his upcoming meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin during an unscheduled news conference after a contentious NATO summit.
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‘I’m A Very Stable Genius,’ President Donald Trump Says As NATO Summit Ends | NBC News

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