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cool boy that is a tough one see it really as you could argue that was already off side well within the danger zone I think that might have been a lot a spill because there’s no / like that way coffee I don’t know where the initial impact was but he is in a great deal of pain such a young kid that you still want to see this no problem found very not happy then when I walked in it was and there’s the line look at the time though you got to eat dinner it wasn’t watching the clock but this the thing is it Eastern Standard or the cassette by his phone because I will see what they say in New York but I think what it comes down that we are he is I think he’s late we are getting what the resting right now that seems a little different but the same but different need a different rap Chicago soccer football and American football something else I don’t see mansplaining they’re explaining something usually to a woman and a very condensation and patronizing tone condescending that was a great way to great team sport it works out perfect
For the first time in a World Cup, referees are using VAR (Video Assistant Referees) to watch video replays of controversial calls. What if your office had the same system? Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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