ICE director has message for Democrats on his last day

acting director of ice Immigration and Customs Enforcement to today is his last day he joins us from our nation’s capital, I know you have to see how quickly those police in downtown Napa we’re able to get there and save those lives it was amazing incredible law enforcement they should be respected these the last couple months about the attack on Ice officers also American Heroes the traffic on to their hip everyday are being vilified by members of Congress in the media so this example rather than vilifying them when you see these protesters arrested inside of Capital office building on Thursday you see celebrities what is your reaction to the threats against your agency I mean this process yes they’re protesting about family separations On the Border in separate families On the Border that’s a border patrol agency border patrol does this and I start sets of educate yourself price of parent and you put them in jail many times that child has to go to Child Protective Services if there’s no one there to protect them so what these open borders people want they want better rules for illegal alien family terminating their contract with ice because of people like Center kamela Harris calling for its elimination including Texas City over in Sacramento over in Virginia with your reaction to them terminate their lucrative contracts with ice these are an effort to crack down on illegals amongst us Congress we went up to the hill several months ago and told what the loopholes worry about the 4 settlement agreement we said you could fix it if we can fix them for selling agreement we can keep the families together and they see a judge but they fail to fix it I want to fix it so we’re doing Operation board member of Congress they need to look in the mirror Stan Lee net jurisdiction will we have to move you probably out of state away from their families always there legal support just because you’re trying to make a political statement decisions political left who are very vocal during Sex and the City of New York season this Montage of different people calling for the app also the same person who win last week or two referred to ice as a terrorist outfit regarding the abolishment of ice I do think that a lot of this legislation points to the America that we want to put to have the presidents treated the situation where ice isn’t doing what it was created to do it’s being used as his own personal a police force I believe you should get rid of it start over imagine as far as gillibrand she needs to study issue too cuz she went to a protest about family separation on the board then she turns on planes ice 4 she needs to know that I stuck 5000 criminal aliens off the street in New York that walked out of her Sanctuary jails that she support she needs to meet with the Sheraton the northern border about the demands of dollars resources Isis New York to shutdown the opioid crisis in the car Florida crime if people want to make a judgement we are enforcing the laws that danactive do you have a congressman or Senator saying because you’re too effective we’re out doing yeah they don’t like the way that they don’t like the way the rest are done can you ask me enter if one of those people ever made a rest in their wife didn’t even know the right procedure I do have to bring it to a New York Times story that says 19 ice agents without giving her name secretary Nielsen looking to abolish the agency what you response to that Southpoint investigational new drug trafficking investigation button big cities the task force members have walked away just because HSI falls on your eyes they want nothing to do with like I know the Coast Guard they’re frustrated they want to do the job I operate with him I work with them so they think if they move out is fix a sanctuary cities an outlaw Sanctuary cities that are dangerous to the American people and as far as you said sir Line Trail at 3 in the morning in total darkness waiting on something to come down that trail and meet you don’t know they’re illegal alien or heavily armed drug trafficker do that job stand that post knowing it’s your last day and you’re retiring Vice I’m leaving with mixed emotions come leave in the middle of fight I’m insulted at the Democratic senators and congressmen they want Abilify the men and women put their lives on the line every day for this country and secure their homes Independence nation and Vine they’re going to apologize for enforcing the laws that they enacted it’s it’s ridiculous what’s going on right now so I’m leaving mixed emotions but I can tell you this I may be retiring a great honor run this agency the great greatest uniform back in the day but I’m not leaving this fight I mean continue standing continue the fight in the lawsuit against California I’m going to continue the fight the sanctuary cities and that’s a civilian I can say a lot more than I can type federal employee so I’m not getting this people wrongly accused of doing stuff you’re going to hold me accountable Abilify me attack my character I left I left $700,000 on the table come back and do this job at this present is a present in the United States and in what it really irritates me leaving this job he’s a present of the American people his success with success for this country Abilify that they sure wasn’t working borracho in for ice we just asked you to show little recognition for the I wish it was this rage about angel mom that I don’t hear any out Ray Smith congressman
Retiring ICE acting director Thomas Homan blasts critics of the agency on ‘Fox & Friends.’

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