Hurricane Chris threatens East Coast with 100 mph winds

a meteorologist West. The latest information on what is still Hurricane Chris Chris is a category 2 hurricane this morning to head wins at 105 miles per hour weekend a little bit now win the 100 miles per hour it will gladly Maine in its strength of the category 2 hurricane for the rest of the day but as we get into Thursday will find weakening and will continue to weekend as a storm makes its way further down for the Northeast eventually going to Newfoundland and maybe even impacting Iceland’s by the beginning of early next week also still watching what is left of Beryl Beryl is essentially just an area of low pressure showers and thunderstorms just off of the east of the Bahamas this has about a 20% chance of turning into a tropical Cyclone at the next 48 hours and even better chance of turning into a tropical Cyclone within the next 5 days so that in the Bahamas or end of the Island Southeast of Florida and then into the Carolina coast to be watching this forecast very closely
Category 2 Hurricane Chris is expected to affect the East Coast with “life-threatening surf and rip current conditions.”

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