How trees secretly talk to each other – BBC News

trees my looks like solar tree individuals that the ground beneath our feet tells a different story trees secretly talking trading and Waging War on one another do this using a network of fungi that grow around an inside the roots the funky provide the trees with nutrients and in return they receive sugars but scientists found this connection runs fall deeper than first thought why plugging into the fungal Network trees can share resources with each other the system has been nicknamed would Wide Web it’s stupid over trees formerly known as mother treat use this fungal Network Supply shaded seedlings with sugars giving them a better chance of survival those trees with a sick or dying May dump that was a witch might then be used by Health in Ava’s Plum salsa use funghi to send messages one another if there a text they can release chemical signals through their rates which control the neighbors to raise the defenses but like all internet the wood Wide Web has its Dockside to some orchids hack the system to steal Zeus’s from nearby trees and other species like the black walnut spread toxic chemicals through the network to sabotage their arrival all Boreal cybercrime aside scientist still debating futuristic way the hidden network create a thriving Community between individuals when your next in Woodland you might like to think of trees is possible big superorganism chatting and swapping information and food do you feet
Trees talk and share resources right under our feet, using a fungal network nicknamed the Wood Wide Web. Some plants use the system to support their offspring, while others hijack it to sabotage their rivals.

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