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and you crave is seducing couples across Uganda in a quest to show up new found wealth or status and an erased it I don’t do that neighbors brides and grooms are going to extremes on their big day Ugandan weddings are now big business big dresses big venues and Big Bill’s I want the shows of Life Victoria I’m here to witness one of the biggest weddings in Kampala in recent weeks a million couples are getting married every year in Uganda but in a country where the average annual income is just over $700 many people are spending a small and sometimes unaffordable fortune on their wedding you feel like your husband cannot provide you feel like I made a mistake what is an up-and-coming wedding planner in Kampala that’s lovely these know me look so nice just holds your waist so nicely pretty nice how much does a Chromebook 200 200 200 an estimated 130 wedding planners in the Capitol looks better than that I think your mother wedding planners Bridal salons in the range of new businesses profiting from the new more modern approach to getting married too big wedding okay so if you wanted to just buy it and take it away how much would that be but that but that would be perfect thank you so much Rita’s workload is increasing she now usually works one wedding every weekend in Uganda getting married is a big deal it’s an achievement I would say since I started this business about three years ago the wedding business has really changed a lot it’s really a lucrative business right now more and more clients are getting interested in wedding planning when they’re 10 different weddings and they just notes so well I definitely feel like we just noticed the most Trend towards bigger ever mold lavish wedding Nokia 80 people are enough black yeah it’s about me getting married today 80 people are you serious day she’s getting married to high school sweetheart Ronald kiswe the couple had a traditional Union 10 years ago but like many Ugandan they now want the second ceremony of big white wedding this morning I’m on the shores of Lake Victoria I’m here to witness one of the biggest weddings in Kampala in recent weeks it’s organized by Rosie Rosie event and organizers lavish big party so going to be huge Rita’s come to meeting observe one of the most successful wedding planners in the country of the last 10 years and request has built patient organizing the most extravagant weddings over $100,000 that’s huge people be correlational party thing together I could say it goes for about 8 million Uganda Shillings about this about 2,500 dollars oldest cathedral for their religious ceremony at some of their wedding guests begin to pour into the reception National TV and capturing Justin lavish wedding with some of the biggest cars in Kampala over there because over 9000 US dollars Joyce and Ronald reception could rival a royal wedding for the couple of parts of a new wave of successful Ugandan entrepreneurs they run to thriving retail businesses and the restaurant in Kampala 800 million Ugandan shilling 200,000 US Dollars five-stone venues production Crews bio x 60 are cakes their very own throne and Catering serving peace for all the guests these are just some of the things couples across Uganda now is Quest on their wedding day but still is fueling the growing wedding industry people like retail Andrew and decorated a roll reaping the benefits tell me how much do you charge for such an amazing Decor 50 million Ugandan shilling roughly $15 US dollars wedding captions download over the years from 10 years ago how have they changed of course they have really changed initially we didn’t have all this within five nights at about we didn’t have the flowers when putting from Nairobi and creativity to really go an extensive purchasing something from India or China to recreate that it’s no surprise but not all couples often big white weddings can afford it Rita is meeting a couple have been facing challenges since that to wedding ceremonies so right now I’m on my way to visit my old clients last year was it sent Joe on yes I love you copper but right now they’re going through some financial difficulties because of the expenses they had twin car for their wedding that has going to date ice has greatly affected so I’m going to check and see how they are progressing in Jesus’s name dependence on community donations is 27 year old wife Joan isn’t you mom she works or jobs when she can tell me why why you under so much pressure to have this be wedding first and foremost because of my position as a pastor as a man of God in communication in society and even in church as well I had to give them what they expected from me so wish I could listen to what you’re told me the advice of Takeo doing something that is cracked but I have no choice if I had a chance to do it again I really do it much better and at a more affordable cost Moses and Jones spent $10,000 on their wedding ceremonies half of which went to was the bride-price they still owed $4,000 add friends and family a few of them brother that had to support me through it all they had to give me some money it’s been so so so so challenging greater like could really feel like hell when all the data centers like out finally feels like my husband is now please sometimes you end up feeling like you’re not worth it enough you end up being interviewed by Sesto put food on the table like some days I used to tell my wife that you know I’m fasting in front of email that we couldn’t share both of us it is worth a lot of stress and strain and mother of pressure on me even between me and my wife would stress you can develop depression as I’m as a while if LSU husband cannot provide you feel like you’ve made a mistake but sometimes pretty get off the hook and what kind of fight over Financial issues Extravaganza on everything go for the waters are coming to my soul his community Moses wants to know what can be done to prevent other couples ending up in a similar situation he’s had a group of politicians are proposing a change in the law to regulate wedding and support young couples getting married Monica Amma ding is an MP leading the campaign regulation regulation of marriage and commercialize and make it a business as a country have not moved faster quadratic costs embedded in celebrating the various types of marriages customary marriage civil marriage and the church married and that’s why we walking together types of marriages and provide for the the basic requirements which are acceptable under the low gmp’s are also proposing a legal change to the tradition of bride price in an effort to reduce wedding cost doesn’t have to be paid and I just paid it should not be refundable as it has been as couples across Uganda decided how they wish to celebrate their marriage they will each find that unique way of balancing tradition video of the Big White Wedding
Wedding planner Rita gives her top tips for a OMG event – and looks at the downsides of organising such extravagant occasions.

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