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happy Friday it is going to be a big newsie weekend I have to let you know we are expecting large-scale demonstrations and a lot of them all over the country there’s going to be at least one demonstration in every state in the country tomorrow and most dates are going to have multiple demonstrations were expecting a particularly large one in Washington DC all of those coordinated demonstrations we think there will be more than 700 of them are all in opposition to the Trump administration’s policy of of separating kids from their parents never been a whole bunch of developments on the story of the Trump Administration separating kids from their parents Justin today’s news including a big scoop on that subject from NBC News officials were actually work at ice who are currently employed at immigrations and Customs Enforcement coming out with a surprising public statement on this issue we have more coverage on that over the course of this hour I also need to tell you we’ve got senator Cory Booker here tonight live and in-person very much looking forward to talking with him Senator Booker has begun making a forceful case in the US Senate that now that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement from the core according to Senator Booker there are real conflict of interest issues that ought to constrain what happens next year in terms of that Supreme Court vacancy no president has ever made an appointment to the US Supreme Court when he and his campaign for the subject of an ongoing serious FBI counterintelligence investigation if the president himself ends up personally criminally implicated in that ongoing investigation which is not an insane Prospect I mean the president manager is about to go on trial next month in federal court in Virginia on multiple serious felony charges are or any of the other ongoing elements of this investigation end up personally criminally employee in the president that will instantly calling to question a whole bunch of legal and constitutional issues that have never been formally settled by the Supreme Court can a sitting president be compelled to testify if you give him a grand jury that is not settled as a matter of constitutional law can a sitting president be indicted that is not settled as a matter of constitutional law can a sitting president pardoned other people for the express purpose of derailing a case against himself members of his own family that is not the sort of thing that’s ever definitively that possibility arose in relation to this Scandal the Supreme Court would likely have to settle that matter can pardon himself while he’s continuing to serve as president on that one I mean the President says on Twitter he can but that doesn’t count as binding president yet if the president actually tried to do that the Supreme Court would likely have to decide if that is if there ends up being a criminal case against the president and if it is serious enough that he tries to invoke one of these never before used heretofore hypothetical get out of jail free cards well then who’s on the Supreme Court and how they view these unsettled matters will become a life-and-death issue for this moment and American democracy so can the president appoint someone to fill a seat on the Supreme Court can is still open and ongoing and just just to show that this is not some esoteric concern consider that one of the candidates the President says he’s considering actually the guy who’s considered by most observers to be at the top of the short list the guy who is considered most people to be the most likely nominee it’s a judge on the DC circuit named about whether or not a sitting president can be indicted He has expressed in writing that the indictment of a sitting president when quote crippled the federal government rendering it unable to function and you know that’s interesting from review is another thing entirely that he is being considered for the Supreme Court by a president whose campaign manager is on trial was Deputy campaign manager and National Security advisor are all awaiting sentencing and cooperating with prosecutors in this ongoing FBI counterintelligence investigation no president has ever picked a supreme court nominee when looking down the barrel of this specific kind of personal. criminal liability for himself Senator Cory Booker says they Supreme Court nomination under these circumstances shouldn’t have a simple matter of legal conflict of interest but it but in terms of how long this is alive issue how long this is all going to go on president day that he’s going to start meeting with Supreme Court candidates weekend he’s decamping to one of his golf courses for the weekend and he’s going to meet with Supreme Court nominees potential Spring for a lots of reasons to the extent that the special counsel investigation and the way the president’s own fate might end up in the hands of this Supreme Court nominee he is picking what we got a bunch more news today about the pace at which all these legal proceedings are unfolding Trump National Security advisor Mike Flynn plead guilty last year in December today the prosecutors in the Flynn case and Flynn’s defense lawyers said in a joint filing that yet again they are still not ready to wrap up his case they’re still not ready to end the legal proceedings involving Mike Flynn and that’s because his guilty plea agreement with prosecutors in their ongoing investigation those two things were licked right guilty plate and the cooperation deal on how much he helps prosecutors in the meantime so this filing today from from Flynn’s lawyers and prosecutors suggest that even now seven months after he pled guilty and operate it suggests that when is even now still helping prosecutors with their work so that they’re asking for another 2 months extension before they start to wrap up Flynn’s case quote on May 3rd 2018 the court ordered the parties to file a joint status 2018 today due to the status of the special counsel investigation parties do not believe that this matter is ready to be scheduled for a sentencing hearing at this time but actually the end of this 60-day extension there asking for at the end of 60 days they would like the court to move ahead with a pre-sentencing report for Mike Flynn finding out what his punishment ultimately will be it is the first step toward ending the government’s involvement with him here we’ve seen how this goes with other defendants propolis since then we’ve got a sentencing date for George Papadopoulos he will be sentenced on September 7th we don’t yet have a sentencing date for Flynn we know that it won’t be in the next 60 days but the very first signs of when Flynn’s k might start to end just came into view today with prosecutors and defense asking for a pre-sentencing report on him 60 days from now in late August that’s kind of the pace at which things are rolling with cooperating on the inside the president’s personal lawyer that is not being handled in Virginia or DC like the other cases that Michael Cohen situation is being handled in federal court in New York City within the last few days the judge in the Michael Dunn case a firm deadline of next week by which time all evidentiary issues have to be wrapped up in terms of whether or not prosecutors going to be able to look at the documents and materials that were seized from Cowan under address search warrant back in April the wrangling around those materials that receives for Michael Cohen it’s been going on for weeks and months now but the court says I’ll be over by next week prosecutors in the southern district of New York by next week should have their hands on all of the evidence they’re going to get in terms of what was taken out of Michael Collins files and his office computers so if if Michael is going to be arrested and charged as a result of that evidence you might expect that that arrest and indictment would happen we soon after prosecutors finally nailed down all the evidence and again the nailing down of all the evidence will happen before the end of next week if Michael Cohen is charged he will then have to make a decision and pretty good time about whether or not he fight the charges or whether he’s going to plead guilty and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in their ongoing investigations and we can see what’s happening we can pretty much see what’s happening with Michael Cohen and then there’s president Trump’s campaign chair Paul manafort now we just got in the transcript and highlighted forecast today Paul manafort is in jail in Virginia waiting for his trial to formally start next month and travel to court today to be at today’s Hearing in person but he permission from the judge to not attend complaining about the long to our track each way between the jail and the courthouse for those two things that you should know about what happened today at this hearing one is that it was sort of a landmark moment for the first time today at this Paul manafort hearing we got to lie witness testifying for the prosecution about the national council’s case anybody on the stand before answering questions getting cross-examined in this case but today we got that and it was quite revealing the other thing you should know about this hearing today who reads things in a petty way because I’m a caddy small person is that this trance going to maybe it doesn’t read this way the lawyer today is the judge in the eastern district of Virginia judge Ellis is a little bit of an unusual cat and I know there’s an appropriate way to say that while maintaining appropriate you know difference in respect for the bench here I’m not I do not mean to this person is anything wrong with them I just mean that reading transcripts of his remarks in court it’s a little weird there are very surprising moments and that has to affect how the prosecution in the defensive approaches things in his career because it’s it’s like Let me Give an example so this is the moment in the transcript this is a prosecutor and he’s questioning witness on the stand in this case and so this from the transcript if Mr manafort had previously used that residents to conduct business FBI agent he did prosecutor and what did he say I told you that he had moved business records into that storage unit did you ask whether he knew if the records were still in the facility now and then the judge interjects and the judge says the prosecutor you’re leading why don’t you say what if anything did you ask him the prosecutor says well judge I simply didn’t because the federal rules don’t apply in this type of hearing meeting I’m allowed to ask leading questions but I can ask as a more open question it if you prefer the judge says yes I would prefer you did that go self start asking all of his own questions to the witness the way he thinks the question should be asking demonstrating to the lawyers in the court he would prefer it to be done more to his taste and so then the prosecutor and back starts asking questions more like in a more open-ended way they are taking a break defense counsel for Paul manafort’s as may I ask Evans don’t apply strictly speaking leading question should be with a gift as you have a gift of engaging in verbal Atomic footwork you get a rhythm going and who knows what the winners will agree to so I prefer to have direct open questions asked the prosecutor and then kids in the great litigation land in the sky now but he did well while he was here Jason Landon the sky I didn’t even edit that was exactly how it went anyway next question the judge also 1.2 seems to get hungry at age 67 of the transcript the court quote no just tell me in a sentence it’s lunch time there’s also this this one this one Nemo message that says to the prosecutor’s do you have anything further you want to say about that and one of the prosecutors Scott Meisler Rises actually for the first time in the hearing at that point he says good morning your honor it was the defense motion and then morning it’s afternoon and that’s the point that I want you to have and then the prosecutor time flies when you’re having fun and then the judge says yeah and even when you’re not read a little bit lately with the Tipsy hungry it’s nippy judge here which I think that is how he likes things and start room about about leaks the big picture here defense team sort of seems to be running out of steam a little bit all of their efforts to limit the case to get the charges thrown out to get the charges dismissed they’ve all failed this far and they tried a lot of different things what they seem to be Paul manafort should be let off the hook because of the amount of information about his case that has been reported in the press his lawyers and hurting people in political scandals over the years which is that the intent interest in his case and all the public reporting that’s being done around his case has resulted essentially in the defendant being tried by leak that people are so nevermind so made up about him because of all this suppressing all the reporting about it that he can’t possibly get a field trial so the courts basically let him go Paul manafort’s defense counsel today actually tried a little Hail Mary where is defense lawyer actually said the case against manafort should be dismissed because they’re having speaks to the Press about the case Watch the watch the judge shut this down Kevin Downing defense counsel for Paul manafort may I be heard you’re the judge bit earlier about for deer which is questioning potential jurors you were going to inquire about what people know about the case the manner in which they’ve heard about it and and and whether or not they can be fair and impartial we’d like to do have to take too much to do some supplemental briefing with you your honor about the nature of the leaks that occurred here I mean we have highest level government officials that have said to the press that mr. Manna for it and then the judge intervenes well have you filed what is the remedy that you would seek and then down he says well the question becomes how can you have a fair trial when the press and media have been so saturated with false statements about the evidence the judge says alright so what’s the remedy assuming you’re right one remedy is certainly dismissal the judge know that mr. Downing I’d like to stick with that one briefly the judge know actually in that moment but just saying no to just missing the case on the basis of medialinx mr. Downing says your heart what I’m trying to deal with is I think you’ve kind of glossed over this issue in terms of you talking to somebody and ask some questions and I think we can do some supplemental brief speciated the populace will you listen to what I’m saying to you it wouldn’t have to be a change of venue the judge finally finally mr. Downing I was briefed but I have to determine whether the remedy is warranted you better Marshall all of your evidence on that before we determine whether you go to Roanoke to Richmond or someplace to try that this case on it we leave of court to file a supplemental briefing on that issue the judge will do do it right now do it quickly by the close of business Friday a week from Friday thank you your honor judge that was obvious the first time I saw the motion you did not send me people having to argue in this courtroom right but that this change of anything appears to be the latest Gambit from the manifold defense now they want to try to move Paul manafort’s trial to another part of Virginia to I guess escape the Mediacom that emanates from the DC Metro area about his case presumably they think they get a more conservative environment manafort’s defense team is going to try that now though the evidence that the special counsel’s office has seized from Paul manafort and that they’re using in the case against him and last one here there was a really interesting moment from that lie on the stand today as an FBI agent CIA agent explain today in court that the FBI apparently only learned that Paul manafort kept some of his business records in a storage locker ended up getting searched and ended up being really important I only learned about the store when a p reporters contacted the FBI to ask them for comment on a story the AP was pursuing about manafort’s finances question could you please state your name for the record are you currently employed yes where do you work the FBI what’s your title special agent how long have you been a special agent with the FBI since 2000 to let me direct your attention to the spring of 2017 and are you currently assigned to that Squad yes during your tenure International corruption Squad were you involved in an investigation relating to Paul manafort’s yes and it may 2017 related to a storage unit and Alexandria Virginia I did what location decided 370 Holland Lane unit 3013 Alexandria Virginia and what is that exactly that’s the storage unit in question now you testified earlier that you searched the storage unit how did you come to understand them use the storage unit answer I don’t recall exactly it was either through my investigative efforts or through a meeting that occurred with reporters of the Associated Press question a meeting with reporters that occurred on April 11th 2017 answer yes it did that meeting take place in the body building of the Department of Justice and who was present members of the FBI justice department and the Associated Press what did you understand the purpose of that meeting to be answer to receive information from the reporters to receive information from the report is not going to give the information but to get information from the reporter’s question can you explain what happened when conducting on mr. metaphor question and how did government Representatives respond generally no comment as far as questions involving any sort of Investigation question based on the meeting didn’t appear as though the reporters have conducted a substantial investigation respect to mr. metaphor and they had during that meeting did one of the reporters mentioned a storage unit in Alexandria Virginia associated with the Semana 4 answer key did subsequently issue a grand jury subpoena to a facility named storage answer I did that’s how they found it why would the AP reporters be giving information to the FBI that’s the way the FBI agent describe exactly what happened to there they put out a statement today explaining how they think the public should see this meeting this is from an AP spokeswoman quote Associated Press on stories they were reporting as reporters do said AP spokeswoman Lauren Easton name or location so that’s what happens government mostly no comments but by accident the government actually learn something that becomes important for their investigation later when they get asked something by these reporters that they didn’t know about before and now Paul manafort how to storage locker which they subsequently rated which we now know turned up evidence of a previously unknown outstanding loan from a Russian oligarch metaphor controlled shell company that he used for among other things and more than three and a half million dollars in cash to buy an apartment in Trump Tower remember how when he wrote I live in Trump Tower the president’s personal Jeopardy in this investigation is still an open question Papadopoulos proceedings and Flynn and Cowan and Gates and all the rest of them it’s all part of that but the president hey manager is going on trial now and the proceedings in his case are moving fast and they are proceeding in front of a very unpredictable prosecution will the president be picking a new Supreme Court Justice in this context hold that thought hey there let me see on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
Rachel Maddow digs into transcripts of Friday’s court hearing to find out who the FBI says tipped it off to Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort’s storage locker, which was raided for evidence last year.
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How The FBI Got Tipped Off To Paul Manafort’s Evidence | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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