How ‘Leave No Trace’ Hides Ben Foster in the Woods | Anatomy of a Scene

my name is Debra granik and on the co-writer and director of the film leave no trace and this team Thomas and Mackenzie and then Foster her playing the lead characters are in their encampment and they’ve lived there trying to be detected and they hear something which accuse them that it’s little different than normal they’ve heard many sounds over the years this is different drill they run in perform a hiding procedure that they practice before and very surprised that the Pacific Northwest I wondered how it would save us some techniques were for camouflaging turns out swordfern Z primordial plants that have been with us since I guess dinosaur times you can roll into them and Tom and Ben practiced how to roll into one of these firms and it’s also known to soldiers who didn’t in Jungle situations and you really can become a detective and there’s a very intense system about the glint of the eye reflective surfaces of a lighter color so it becomes very difficult and we had the benefit of working with real police officers from the Portland who told us how they would approach the search and the K-9 dog was being heavily controlled and of course we took measures so this it was barking and there was tension I think it made the same very Vivid to the actors this scene is shot in a county park outside of Portland we had the great Fortune of having a ranger that allow us to him to filmon in a relatively benign way and Andre Patriot any firm that we trampled and everything you see there is what the temperate rainforest of the Pacific Northwest offers think something that became very heavy as we were filming this was there wasn’t a person standing there in 50 person crew all in who Could witness this scene and not have it curse through their brain what if Will was black that this team to play out possibly so devastatingly differently and it was it was such a Hallmark of our time to watch the scene and not have not a phantom memory it’s a very contemporary anxiety about how things are playing out with the lives of of men of color and treatment by police is not in the text but it was in people’s minds as it was filmed and no that’s not enough the next step is have it be in the text
In the drama “Leave No Trace,” Ben Foster plays a father living undetected in the woods of an Oregon park with his daughter (Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie). Read the NYT Critics’ Pick review:

In this scene, the two are sought out by the police and they must find a way to hide. The director Debra Granik discussed shooting the scene and getting assistance from Portland police officers in doing so.

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