How Canada’s political party leaders can win over voters

welcome to a special edition of the power panel are strata start answering your questions about the party leaders what do you want to know about how each party is selling its litter to the public this summer ask us online at CBC politics are on YouTube or our Twitter account post your questions in the comment section circumstance in Vancouver Tim powers of Summa strategies is here with me and Ottowa alongside Cathleen McGovern Swift strategy group so please send your questions into the panel and if you’re watching a repeat addition of the show later on tonight we won’t be able to answer your questions but you can still check it out call conversation online so I’ll start with just a quick round what does your leader have to do this summer to advance the party’s cause so I’ll start with you Amanda Perez I think it’s all about connection connection connection then and he needs to do what he’s always done really well and that’s getting to as many communities as possible meet with as many people as possible Inspire the bass get the Grassroots really motivated to head into an election year summer provides the best opportunity for that because he’s really good at that stuff he’s really good at the Town Hall is really good at the one-on-ones he’s really good at the big group setting so this is a nice Runway heading into the fall where he can be and Community to community to community country what’s your bystander Sheraton Convention in Halifax in August launching off into the the fall parliamentary session I think he’s got a bring some sense of what his vision of conservative party under his leadership will look like has deliberately not done that to a large degree those far I think he’s got to do similar to the prime minister they all three of them need to do this they need to get out into communities they need to build excitement among their own activist they need to begin to cultivate particular when you’re in opposition candidates for future and I think he’s got to guard against going after cheap opposition politics and in going after the quick-hit in the summer that’s not usually in this useful thing and the last thing I say he’s got pay attention to his caucus there was a little bit of tension as you know as the session ended around maxing bernier’s relationship with the caucus and some being frustrated with him. He will want to hope that over the summer those tensions are all this way to I’ll pick up on the caucus Thing by Jimi thing 10 10 months in his leader now he also have to manage his cock is going to the big hugs or treating beginning of September and BC he’s got to find candidates and got a raise money to already almost a year at just over Europe from the next election okay running keep this conversation going everyone watching please send us in your questions we’re going to take a pause because that’s it for this TV edition of Power & Politics as we send them the power panel is sticking around so go online to YouTube Facebook or Twitter and Sinister questions were continuing this conversation of course online capello’s thanks for watching okay so the TV show just wrap it we’re still going on YouTube Facebook and Twitter the power panel is still here and we’re waiting to answer your questions to send the men put them in the comment section on Facebook live what do you want to know about the party leaders what the party should be doing to sell their leaders how much they have had their selection let us know you can post as I said your your questions in the comment section Amanda Tim and Kathleen are with us hi guys guess what you think what the best and worst qualities of of the leader for the party you guys represent are so I’ll start with you another previous Federal leader is he represent a lot of our ward in that but also lots of risk I think that he has a really kinetic I built like ability to really connect with people and and charm them and kind of bringing them into his fears that’s really great qualities so it’s a really is that he’s not know too many parts of the country and and it really not known to the party bass it’s not clear in terms of what he would stand for it would have platform would be made of and so those are some weaknesses they still have to file off Andrew is comfortable in his own skin I think he recognizes he’s you know what sort of a bit of political Aditi dad bought in a bit of a fuddy-duddy and some circles are hardcore conservative than others but he’s he’s embracing that the the the for him is not to get categorized as being a mini Stephen Harper or some other political leader he’s got to carve out his own identity idiosyncrasies at all the leader he’s you know he’s connections probably the word I would have used as well certainly and he has the ability to kind of galvanized and Inspire and really motivate and I think that’s that’s likely what will see him do a lot of but at the same time over the next year he’s he’s coming in a very different place in the last election governed and would that he has a new Target on his back different than then coming in as the the leader of the third party the last time around do we have to balance those two sides of his job at the same time inspiring Canadians as governing the country okay I’m going to go to a question from YouTube from and I apologize in advance if I’m pronouncing the name incorrectly Dylan boy I think what makes share a good choice for prime minister Timothy well he’s got to come over that argument I don’t think he’s that he’s yet made that case to the the Canadian public but I think if he were to make that case he would say he’s always an average fellow connected to the street Hill contrast himself to Joe don’t ruin all true love you woohoo he will describe does Allegiant and into himself I think sure will need to win and make that case by having some pretty good basic economic policy some of which he may come from from dog for Jason Kenny and I think he has to also make the argument that change is needed and often that’s a hard thing to do for an opposition leader usually that is done by the errors that governments defeat themselves or the broader climate move to that place so you’re has an opportunity to win I wouldn’t have said that a year ago but he’s got also make some circumstance so some circumstances have to go his way everyone does right that’s right you can never predict but I think that Tim is right on one point that I for sure that it’s not clear that 2019 will be and you made that point I agree with you there I think that what the market will be at the conservative party base is that it’s it’s formed at a granite and they despite all the negative feelings towards Stephen Harper and that it was change election in 2015 they still have a very strong caucus of over a hundred hundreds give me mmp’s and 30% I think they got away in terms of the 2015 election. The immovable and so what now she needs to do way at some of the liberal hates now he’s had good showing in Quebec recently with the by-election can you grow their there’s been a bit of a charm offencive happening what will happen with the the 905 the Suburban ridings at 4 has proven to be so strong in Tom on YouTube who will Implement Universal basic income I know this is kind of an education bill I’ll start with Amanda that’s a good and big question and has been many times and I I think that I don’t think it has the ability to be the central issue of the next election campaign but it’s certainly an election issue something that will be raised and all of the leaders will have to speak to although I don’t think that any of the parties will make that kind of complete commitment to it she’s a Dandy people actually is cross part of it anyways we seen people like Senate former Senator Hugh Seagal really stand up for things like basic income and certainly are some of the cheetah think of might be the wrong way to go and then what we need to do is actually create more universality in our in our actual services so things like pharmacare things like a Universal Dental Care things like making college and a university more affordable so I don’t know if it will be a great man I don’t think it’s going to be a central issues currently in the 2019 campaign although we have seen some experiments with that happening Ontario although I think they’ll be offended now that forwards they’re on Facebook often taken out of contacts will not be used to sway votes show about Donald Trump and identifying his enemies going after them aggressively Doug Ford would argue that he had some success and negative characterization not to the same degree liberal government’s in the past mr. Martin had some success initially was Harper doing all of that no it’s not going anywhere cuz sadly it works I think that it’s the biggest it’s the biggest challenge the biggest barriers the parties will face in this election than any other election previously not just from a negative advertising points for from blatant lies that will appear as ADD through all of our social channels which are not regulated the same way the biggest challenge we find wood that is the people take them to as truth is he believe it when we see something that resembles an ad that it must be true oh I think that that the elect the base really has to get educated on everything that were consuming and what we’re sharing where it comes from who was behind it who’s funding it these things are our big new challenges that all parties are going to have to face this question I’m going to go ahead and write on Facebook asked what does Doug Ford’s victory in Ontario mean for the possible outcomes of a 2019 federal election Kathleen generally Ontario in the federal government’s like to be of opposite color so that hasn’t been true for the last few years when there has been both a liberal federal government and a liberal provincial government election and I’m having a conservative government there in Ontario me actually strengthen or help Trudeau in the 2019 election cuz people in Winter will be so turned off by all of the conservative Cuts in Ontario generally its natural position it likes to have a bit of a balance we’ll see I mean yeah it could take some big policies though we’ve already seen the big fight that’s be going on on carbon pricing what happens to pharmacare it’s something that the federal government wants to put a lot of weight behind Christine alley at the Ontario Health minister is early comments on farming would suggest she’s going to talk to dr. akka Hoskins who’s running it but it’s hard to see a Doug Ford Ontario embracing firmicus what is the point of vulnerability and policy like their most vulnerable policy within what would I need to focus on the biggest challenge that the party face is right now that the government faces right now is around trade and and how NAFTA turns out and what things like in 2019 how aggressively that relationship either disintegrates between Canada and the US and how some of the other big profile leaders in the country will use that to put themselves against a Trudeau and some of those policy so those are massive challenges that the entire country is undertaking but certainly many of those will be aimed at Trudeau and the Liberals as they head into the next election just to pick up on that I agree with Amanda but geographically what that means for Trudeau we’re there challenges of the Southwest Ontario I certainly BC at her Savelle parts of Alberta because those are the areas and potentially come back as well and aluminum industry so there’s lots of geographical areas it will be hit we’re right now there are secrets brawl opportunities we may have impacted by the terrorist impacted by bad could trade deals going south could impact his political chances Elaine Johnston asks I’ll give us 1 to 10 how are on Facebook how are they going to connect to First Nations border the First Nation Hindu a campaign to get the voters out they did and I think the Prime Minister has a bit of a mix record there I think he will be the leader than probably the NDP leader as well who will focus more on indigenous issues that tends to definitely be the case the conservatives look at indigenous issues in a different way from resource-based empowerment in the like the way I’m saying is there the Prime Minister loses some of that support just because his expectations were high his promises were many and you just can’t simply make them all the short. Of time so I will be fascinating to see where indigenous leaders lend their support 90 Kathleen let me ask you about pot there’s a great question he is coming how is each leader using this opportunity strategic and very smart of the tree of government to have it when you’re out I think it how it in terms of how it impacts the ADP and ATP has consistently always been against and wanting to decriminalize pot so know where the wedge issue there is no how is is that the concern around individuals and Canada have been charged with those kind of offences were still living with them so watch for driving under influence and access to children Focus their ongoing advocacy will be on the safety issues of it as sold properties of being police properly your soffit of that this week for the Liberals it was a big election issue in in 2015 and it was a promise made a promise kept the first really big industry change that we seem like literally creating a new industry in New category in Canada and leading globally so in other International countries around the world were looking at Canada assertive the bright shining star in this one I think if they can use that as an example to the rest of the world does not just about what’s happening on our own domestic soil but how we can be the lens for how other countries could emulate what we’ve done that could be another interesting winning opportunity for liberals in 2019 question here but to be expected this is a learning process for us all white and then she says why is he not taking responsibility for it Tim there’s so many things in this particular story first be the actual allegations the editorial I think as a relates the prime minister in the political management of that answer his inability early to give a clear consistent answer given the strong positions he is taking with other caucus members and with the Canadian public on Zero Tolerance issue and the fact that he appears to be contradicting that when it comes to this case has caused him a lot of current challenges the story keeps going I don’t what Amanda and Kathleen think on this but I think he initially tried to take a lawyer early approach to answering the question as opposed to using some of his strengths which he may have used on the day in Creston cousin if you look at that editor well he said he apologized he said sorry he may have helped himself if he did that again a challenge for me with this story and again I’m sure it is for my colleagues as I feel for Rose night feed the reporter in question she clearly Choice which was entirely hers to make that the incident was over after that editorial was written she never from what I know from what’s been reported spoke about it again she’s been clear and talking to your colleagues and others that but she doesn’t want to get back into this that she has moved on I think all political actors need to find a way to respect Rose night while at the same time trying to hold the prime minister to his words his actions to win the first if you’re just joining us it’s a special edition of the power panel on Facebook live YouTube and Twitter on bashing the pillows we’ve got a minute and Tim Powers here and remember to keep your questions coming in in the comment section of that Facebook lasso Kathleen the Prime Minister and his team and I look at him as a full group has been effective at dealing with past allegations it whether their staff or fellow elected and individuals I don’t think they did a good job on this one I’m surprised by that because it’s historical allegations in the historical event and and both the Prime Minister and I put the onus on him but also his staff team I think should have been more effective in dealing with it. Said I can’t say enough about the knee and listen I also used to be a morning story producer who would chase down stories like this and call people at 4 a.m. in the morning after their loved one just passed appear on TV so I know the drive that is play the media politicians particular politicians I would need to leave the survivors alone if they want that privacy for the Prime Minister for the party for his staff I agree with Kathleen and I think it’s been a challenge to communicate but I disagree that he that he hasn’t been accountable I disagree that he he hasn’t he has apologized he’s been clear on that I think he’s try two in his own words and I sir I certainly can’t speak for him but I think he’s tried to in his own way say you know different people have different experiences or or interpret things in the same experience in different ways so I think he’s he’s try to affect you know and talk about the feelings of I’ve Rose but at the same time I agree with Kathleen I think in some ways this story continues to have legs because people are pushing a story along when when you know the victim or the or Rose in this in this case simply want it to end she wants it to be somebody but we all agree on Rose she wants it to be over but I think be the reason the story also continues is because the Prime Minister was right here he set a high bar however he doesn’t appear to be crossing the own bar he sat and that’s also why the story continues the challenge for news organizations the challenge for the opposition is going to be okay that points been made so where do you go from here if everybody adheres to Rosa wishes cuz you can just keep repeating this message Justin Trudeau has been severely criticized for I guess the the calculation is is there more of that can be a brought forward to show contradictions of the price ministering his own statement and that’s what everybody is looking to assess of the moment if you’re a Critic of the Prime Minister electoral change as an issue I think they mean electoral reform as a website men’s and it’s going nowhere but will it be an issue at The Ballot Box I offer a very small percentage of Barry. I think when you combine it there are going to be some people on the left just send our love to know when you add in person or persons Haitian and also things like the pipelines they’re going to they’re going to see them feelings in this government but will be next I don’t know after I smoked a few bags of weed I might care about if a she but I don’t think it’s a big issue food insecurity. Also said it’s a significant issue but we here almost nothing about it and federal politics. That was interesting man Tony think about the topic from a policy stamp this is it’s so important we don’t give it enough air time it’s one of those topics that you know seemingly is on people’s minds when it’s raised and yet just doesn’t seem to be raised enough and I think that you know part of that is is the way Lobby groups Perkins and part of it is how new sets its agenda on which topics end up rising to the top and being the ones that are on everybody’s Minds the things that people talk about around their own dinner tables so for some reason hunger never seems to get to make that like top 10 list of the things that were all talking about during election time but that’s all we know right now in Toronto whenever major urban center there’s a large portion of of Youth who are hungry at school and and we know that’s not just an urban centers obviously than in the north we heard headlines about food Security in the north and there are some organizations are doing really Progressive work on this like food secure and others but much more needs to be done but it is hard to actually mobilize large portions of the popular vote on this hunger and poverty okay one other one from James Amos apologies for the 18th time if I forgot someone’s name policy matters it’s often how it’s described and then enacted any we’ve just talked about momentum of the argument a few moments ago that one of the things that the Liberals are have one on is on on marijuana legislation we talked in on the television program about Doug changing education policy for good or for bad so it’s it does matter it’s how it’s sold but I don’t think you’re not going to get in-depth substantive policy debates and you only need look at the the false debate that happens around carbon pricing versus carbon tax and what’s all that about and it’s so polarized it’s so difficult to have a real conversation about what needs to be done there so the things that require difficult conversations sad I don’t often lend themselves to the hurly-burly of an election campaign not looking at the data and back to call it policy-making evidence building and it is supposed to evidence made policy making in and I think that’s so true toes Government tried to correct that one of the symbolic Things Early they do when they first got elected back the census right and that was really important to a large cohort of Canadian Sons were still celebrating in the streets because the sentence are James give me James I just want to say that you know when we have elections in this in this country in one of the most populous provinces like Ontario where parties are no longer even required to put out a full some coffin platform I think it’s a real problem and I boxing earlier question that was raised in the Facebook live we have lost a bit of a challenging function where there are lies that are being said in elections and they are being micro targeted things like I can give an example to the Ontario election where we I do know if the NDP is reflected they’re going to raise your glass sense bite bug gas later I mean that’s just you know not true there were many not true things but when we have what is a disruptive media environment wear medium or splintered where the challenge function of the media media no longer even in some cases are allowed to go on the bus with these leaders to challenge them in a more formal way and you know it is a problem so we’re articulated some interesting ideas Ford but there’s a lot of work to be done there and and it is up to all of us and her first victim ocracy too kind of asked her questions in very short periods of time where were in election campaigns and it really frenetic I couldn’t agree with Kathleen more I think the last Ontario election was a lens into how problematic it can be when we allow a party to be elected without a costume platform when we turn debates into punchlines and where Morgan’s and with who gets you know the killer punch instead of who makes the most important resonance thoughtful debate so I think we’re moving further away from it as we move closer to things like sound bison and small character a social media platforms where we don’t have enough time or energy to get into the deep stuff and instead instead we’re making decisions based on the rhetoric of really short quotable quotes a lot of people who are looking at that over aren’t just buying everything that they got we are getting their news sometimes you don’t have time to check the veracity of it I think yes people try to do the best they can with the time that they have but technological disruption we haven’t yet seen that it’s been a positive influence in summer elections because people are asking questions about things that aren’t real as opposed to finding where those real Things Are assuming differently yes we are we’re moving away from long-format consumption to really short clips and bites we will wake up in the morning and read our Twitter feed and feel like we’ve consumed the news as opposed to getting in like the deeper you know 10 page newspaper print we’re consuming differently and because of that maybe we’re moving a little bit away from the long-format platforms as well and we need to the parties need to keep up with the way people are consuming in the way are sharing and finding ways to connect to people the way that were consuming today I would say The Simple Solution just for everyone to watch Power you so much to all three of you for joining us to Amanda name and Kathleen and thank you to everyone for sending in your questions remember you can always watch Power & Politics on CBC News Network weekdays at 5 p.m. eastern time bashing kapelos thanks again
What do the federal political parties need to do to sell their leader to the public? Power & Politics host Vassy Kapelos and the Power Panel Amanda Alvaro, Tim Powers and Kathleen Monk answered audience questions.

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