House approves resolution demanding docs on Russia probe

Republican Congressman Chris Stewart a member of the House intelligence committee this got really chippie today as we say in in hockey what are the points of news the headlines that you’re that you’re seeing here Beach hippie ohmygosh can the FBI or doj make it any more frustrating can they make this anymore longer and painful then they have and it’s completely unnecessary so there’s a number of lawmakers myself included who for a long time look we’re not asking for something unreasonable here we’re asking for just pure accountability that we have responsibility to provide the American people and yet like it’s it’s like a a death by a Thousand Cuts to get mr. Rosenstein and and unfortunate I mean the president supported why is it so difficult I mean to pull politics into this but just negotiating document releases and find the applications why is it so hard I think at the end of the day I think they’re trying to confiscate or to at least make it very difficult for us what we what we believe is actually in some cases the illegal activity and that’s that’s just a simple explanation but it’s also the truth and let me give you real quick example example material provided to us a page-and-a-half for sellers redacted for issues of National Security and then we finally get that information it’s about paying $70,000 for a conference table and had nothing to do with National Security if it’s just embarrassing it’s one small example but it’s not an important example the far more important examples are these meaningful questions about how they conducted the investigation and yet they hide and they delay and they it’s kind of like hide the bunny you know will give you eight hundred eighty thousand pages of documents that the Miss Rosenstein mention today when we really only want a few hundred and they make us feel Birdsboro our way through all this out of material again as a way to take out weave complied but make it impossibly difficult for us couple things going on here and I you know what we talked about what is at stake you’ve got a political party that paid for opposition research with the company that had some interesting ties too important people at the doj a wife of a member so on and so forth you got an FBI two agents with their hands all over a couple of Investigation Hillary Clinton email and also their text messages going back and forth showing us clearly that they had a plan the kids of President out of the White House so as we watch this today what do you want to see ask ready today what are you watching for well there’s a couple things one of them is leaving told again and again again that this inquiry into the Russian supposed Trump collusion started at the end of July and if that’s true then let us and let us understand it did you run informants into the campaign previous to that cuz there’s a certain indications that they did a not just one but perhaps several maybe even many and if you were doing that previous to July on what basis were you doing at show us the evidence show us the concern that you had and those that’s the thing that we’re focusing on now and that’s very important for one thing doesn’t show that they’ve been honest with us and the second thing is if everything isn’t true and they had information previous to that once again what was it or was there any but you know if I could just make this kind of General observation we can’t live in a country where we give Department of Justice enormous power and especially in this like an opposition political campaign is a go do what you want since pies eavesdrop listen to messages and read texts and then don’t come tell us we don’t want to know no one wants to live in a country like that that you would give them that kind of power and no accountability especially like I said into a political campaign of presidential campaign all we’re asking is that they be honest with the American people information they see hearing after hearing deposition after deposition summer private summer full-blown public like today and the question is will there ever be accountability Congressman Stewart thank you for being with me for this will continue to bring you lie all of the action that happened on Capitol Hill today with that
Rep. Chris Stewart weighs in on the investigation into what he calls possible ‘illegal activity.’

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