Heat wave ripples U.S., leaving many searching for relief

We are following the extreme Heatwave creating dangerous conditions across the country wasn’t 50 million Americans are under extreme heat warnings the Northeast broke several heat records over the weekend the temperature has been so intense it even cry Highway pavement and melted bridges in Chicago DeMarco Morgan is in Long Branch New Jersey where it could feel like a hundred degrees today are taking advantage of this warm-weather when you combine the temperature which is now at 95° with the heat index it feels a lot more like it’s a hundred and five degrees but as you can see behind me it is not stopping any of these people from taking it all in and enjoyed it especially when you get this to the water you can defend it out and enjoy that freezes well we’re also seen people were taking advantage of something some of the shaded areas along the beach but when you think about the important things that you want to keep in mind you want to make sure they’re using your sunscreen and also that your staying hydrated drinking plenty of water and if you’re living in different parts of the year in different parts of the country because of this is the heat wave that is sort of like Ripley in our country and should last throughout the 4th of July holiday if you’re living you know closer Emma and then you want to make sure you’re checking on the elderly you’re also looking out for the younger people as well because it is extremely extremely dangerous it can be if you’re not treating it alright so make sure that you are staying hydrated again use of sunscreen and just get out and enjoy yourself wish I could tomorrow thanks drink that water everybody alright make Oliver is in New York where people are trying to escape the sweltering heat here in New York City 105 degrees take a look around me deserted at Lincoln Center this normally would be a hotspot for Taurus eating lunch by the fountain people coming to take pictures but people are listening to the warnings unless there as you can see that family over there people are inside they’re inside in the air conditioning there is a heat warning advisory that will be in effect until 9 p.m. tonight this is a code red alert what that means is that are social workers canvassing the city looking for the homeless to bring them inside I talk to the city there are more than 450 cooling centers that are open at Community Center Senior Citizen centers and Library so people can come inside churches with daily soup kitchens they were both at full capacity today as you can imagine in a city like this it is full of cement just walking a few steps feels like you are baking under this blistering Sun Don Oliver thank you joining us now is whether producer David Parkinson okay it’s summertime we have a heat wave not that unusual what is unusual about this particular one is the duration of this heat wave for some people the heat wave started last Friday it will continue through at least this Friday for some folks and depending where you are it could actually go on longer that combined with it is not in any way shape or form of dry heat get that humidity continues to boost things up and you’re also seeing some record temperatures out of this so we had about nine records yesterday we’re going to be looking at record temperatures today in a place like Albany New York is going to get to 99 Burlington Vermont 98 we got to a point this morning where Burlington Vermont was actually warmer than Key West like at wake up time and it’s just going to continue to get worse so we’ve got a really active jet stream pattern that is all the way to North which means you got high from both ends it bringing up are from the south and it’s just baking most most of the country not to open the climate change to can of worms both we’ve seen some extreme weather over the past year or two that that’s been really extraordinary do you think this fits that box so the one thing that that is fairly conclusively linked to climate change is both heat and cold events extreme heat and extreme cold so with regard to that you can say that when you have a warming climate you would expect longer-duration heat events and warmer times you’re also going to expect more days especially in the Northeast with temperatures above 90 degrees a week of this two weeks so it’s a week what we should have a little so cool down into next weekend and then it’s right back up it is what we have sometimes referred to in the weather Community is a torch and April torch ship a little bit West for the weekend coming up but it’s really going to be just a quick shift and then it goes back but in terms of the feels like temperatures for your July 4th I mean you’re seeing it right there and the feels like temperatures on the East Coast a little bit lower than where they are in the Midwest Sprite relatively speaking but uncomfortable too unbearable none-the-less and then you know things will move right back on East later on as well so here are the record temperatures we hit 104 in Austin we hit 91 at the SFO Airport in San Mateo County and then you’ve got all these smattering ones from Michigan through Upstate New York down to the Jersey Shore it has not been a limited event it’s been more than half the country over 90° David Parkinson thanks so much
Temperatures nearing 100 degrees have led to excessive heat warnings for 50 million Americans. The intensity of the weather has officials warning residents to stay hydrated and keep cool. CBS News weather producer David Parkinson joined CBSN to break down what’s going on and how long we’ll be in this wave.

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