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more heat today we made it into the lower 80s yesterday now the Dome of heat is still centered in the middle of the country where they have been looking a drought conditions up through portions of Iowa Central Nebraska and Kansas and typically when the when the ground is dryer it’s much easier to get more heat like that to what’s happening is expanding its suppressing the storms for their self as deflecting that cold front away from Northern Ohio so the bottom line is that eventually this he’s going to win out it’s slowly moving East or anticipate Northwestern Ohio to be up in the Lord 90s later today will be approaching 90 here in Cleveland and Akron to buy right now here your current readings and everybody in the middle and high 60s it is clear will be above 80 by 11 a.m. at 83 by noon again middle he’s a lot of Shoreline away quickly jump up to close to 90 later this afternoon Inland tonight mostly clear light Breeze upper 60s low 70s more humidity tomorrow the temperatures will be running about 5 degrees warmer I think Bob 99 Only in Cleveland 88 perhaps in the Lake Erie Islands but lower 90 South of Akron the heat index will be much higher Across the Western half of the viewing area say than further east we mention we’re already at the four days above 90 can easily double that over the next week or so here I temperatures forecast highs tomorrow again we’re looking at upper 80s level Shoreline look at that 91 Hudson we have a 92 and Akron lower 90s down through Mansfield and the forecast for Sunday looks Eve hotter so here’s the heat on these are current temperatures again middle of the country is where most of the heat has been centered over the last several weeks other excessive heat warning for Chicago the Eastern shore line of Lake Michigan all the way down to St Louis Center Missouri I’ll look at the heat warning also proportions of Northwestern Ohio this will more than likely be expanded further east will update you on that as we get closer to it as the heat index tomorrow be about a hundred and two in Cleveland 105 208 and Tool the heat index will be much higher for the Westin further east again I would have recorded show you how we look back at the history of the heat index above 100 we’re going to talk more about that as the cold front comes in Monday chance of rain and even then we’re not looking at Major amounts here so that front goes through temperatures don’t drop a whole lot of in Monday will be a little cooler than 90 given the chances of rain will see how this works out
The Midwest is expected to get the brunt of the heat on Friday before it makes its way east towards the Mid-Atlantic and Northwest on Saturday and Sunday. Up to 18 states have already issued heat advisories from New Mexico to Michigan as weather services advise that temperatures are expected to reach the triple digits.

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