Harper to talk free trade with Trump advisers in Washington

former Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to speak today was to presidential advisors who are known to have Donald Trump’s ear then see duncombe joins us now from the White House on this story so Lindsay what do we know about Harper’s visit Harper didn’t make this public and kmode in media reports and she also didn’t give a heads-up to the Embassy or the current prime minister or even to his own conservative party what we know is that he will be meeting with the officials in the Trump Administration including Larry Kudlow who is the head of the National Economic Council he is also one of Donald Trump’s key advisors on trade and one of the people who after the G7 was call of prime minister Trudeau and immediately following that conference he’ll also meet with the National Security advisor and John Bolton and of course happening as tensions between the United States and Canada simmering certainly the day after Canada announce those more than 12 billion dollars in retaliatory tariff in response to the steel and aluminum tariffs from the United States but that’s not necessarily where is here to talk about in his post Prime ministerial life he is a member of a number of different organizations in Thai Taste the chair of a group of people who work with center right and right leaning politicians he’s been in I’m eating on that subject he also is part of a friends of Israel and initiative which might be something that he would want to discuss with John Fulton but certainly it is a little bit of controversy in mystery that the former prime minister is here at this particular visit to Washington is happening at a time and a lot of headline-making issues are competing for the president’s attention in the White House priority will the talks before the Trump Administration conversations about trade that is something that this Administration is focused on but it is a focus that is split among some very key domestic issues including of course the fact that it’s a week from today Donald Trump has said that she wants to have a supreme court nominee to name and to go through that process and entrees there is a sense of it might not be top-of-mind for this administration because speaking in an interview over the weekend Donald Trump said that he thought at Nasa deal would happen after the midterm elections in November so given that given that there are two Winston North Korea that point to perhaps I’m not living up to the promise that Donald Trump Saudi heard about curtailing or stopping all new clear production and is also that there are ongoing issues with the southern border Indian conversation top-of-mind for anyone including the former prime minister that’s what he’s here to do a challenge
Former prime minister Stephen Harper is in Washington to meet with two top Trump advisers as the U.S.-Canada trade war continues.

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