“Hard To Believe It’s Over”: The Last Days Of An American Dairy Farm | NBC News

you know there’s not that many Dairy Farmers that they let so when you go tell somebody I am a Dairy Farmer I don’t know that one of those I’ve been on Dairy Farm for 30 years I grew up and it you know every morning every night here you’re putting your hands on I guess that’s just it’s over it’s a bad time to be an American Dairy Farmer since 1970 the US has lost more than 90% dairy farms the small farms have been replaced by fewer larger farms and a national milk Surplus makes it harder for the remaining small dairy farm to turn a profit after nearly 70 years and operation Curtis Coons family dairy farm in rural Kentucky got shut down he’s one of more than 100 Dairy Farmers who lost a contract with Dean Foods and the company’s processing plant in Louisville Kentucky Dean Foods is closing the plant because Wal-Mart its primary customer has decided to cut out the middle Walmart streamlined its milk operation by building its own processing facility and buying milk directly from large suppliers now Walmart no longer requires being services or it’s farmers well today’s a big deal cuz it’s the last the last day will milk cows that the milk will be shipped out from about 3 weeks ago we made the decision to get out we going today so we’ve got to figure out some way to make enough money to make phone payments making a lot of money with the dairy cows we were making the payments million dollar no matter where this place goes we had we’re still we still have our relationship when we still have our kids we still have our family is Rick Ross mentally more than physically female call me one day if his way how you doing I said physically I’m fine spell dairy farming important us I guess we made it a way of life or or it’s been our life we can work hard and make a living here and we’ve done pretty good for well over 60 years I’m pretty sure we keep on making a living on the farm somehow nothing and do I get to the Coombs family learned that lost their contract with Dean Foods back in March and they fought to keep the family business alive but after selling off some of their cows getting rejected by a co-op and with no other nearby milk processing facility to sell two they chose to shut down the problem with selling all of our girls is that they were born here some of them have different Clark’s medicine or crazy is Cavs and they mellow out as mama cows my hair is something that they really enjoy cuz they think it’s hey so little coming and like started grabbing at my hair so I have to watch out for that for the ones who really like you know like to come up and hang out I can tell you who I thought it was until your mother was like remember when she was born I can remember her grandmother you know you just remember those lines remember those families and you know not only do you see how you’re lying progresses and how you Reddit breeding them how they get to be better cows but you just also remember them as a cow and their quirks and Kelly called K she always lay in the very back corner you can always if you want to find me the exact word finder after losing their exclusive contract with Dean Foods the Combs family is left unable to sell their milk to anyone anywhere hey so now they’re forced to sell the last of their dairy cows to slaughter fixer so how do I fix this problem I mean this is my husband’s dream I mean it’s a great place to raise a family but his dreams going so far and I’m a corporate world and pick me up was going to meeting Curtis for 10 years old if he said his five going broke up and I had a ride really your friend in college her dad would always say that every generation is generation removed from the farm you know I guess in the back your mind nbcnews Channel subscribe any of the videos over here to watch the latest interview show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
Since 1970, more than 90 perfect of all U.S. dairy farms have closed due to low milk prices and industry restructuring. Recently, a corporate decision by Walmart led to the shutdown of a three-generation family-run dairy farm in Kentucky. We followed the Coombs family as they’re forced to sell off the last of their dairy cows and try to make sense of what’s ahead.
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“Hard To Believe It’s Over”: The Last Days Of An American Dairy Farm | NBC News

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