Hannity: Enough is enough on the Mueller witch hunt

House Republicans have desperately been trying to conduct what is their constitutional oversight duties and properly investigate how the FBI and the doj handled handled what is server investigation we know she committed felonies we know she obstructed Justice and also the ongoing Russia collusion Witch Hunt and the Pfizer abused by on an opposition party election year search there document request their subpoenas they have been met with nothing but obstruction and hatred antipathy an animus from the deputy AG was a bad temper Rod Rosenstein and today some of these house members had a rare opportunity accountable right to his face and it started with this powerful opening statement from house Judiciary Committee chairman Bob goodlatte take a look infected Generals Report revealed bias in the top salons of the FBI during a hotly contested presidential election it revealed that FBI agents lawyers and analysts held profound biases against then-candidate Donald Trump and in favor of his opponent Hillary Clinton it is right out of a novel with salacious unverified. CA reports of informants that appear more like spy for the US government and application of the aforementioned surveillance power to collect on a US person once associate who is president trumps political campaign but it’s not a novel it’s real life real life now next to very ill-tempered Jim Jordan over Rosenstein’s Bladen effort to hide important information from 10-6 change its amazing why are you keeping information from Congress I’m not keeping any information from Congress that it’s approved angry with you Congressman I don’t believe that’s what you’re going to say and if they do they’ll be it’s the penis and you got 7 days to get your act together I think that’s what’s going to happen I think that’s going to happen for sure I certainly hope not under that impression is not accurate comply with the document request in seven days or they do face the possibility first of contempt and even impeachment and by the way the president can demand at some point everything be handed over and that will then be a matter of now the president has that power what are the issues of play here the house investigation two possible coordination between the Clinton campaign in the FBI’s initiation of that so-called Trump Russia With Me Now how to be Witch Hunt one of the small part of the Scandal surrounds Bruce and Nelly or look right there 2016 Nelly was conducting the Opry search for the Clinton campaign remember Fusion GPS right alongside x 4 & 5 National Christopher Steele Visa Fusion GPS husband Bruce a high-ranking deal J official was the Federal government’s point of contact for the same Christopher Steele and Rod Rosenstein is saying totally unaware of the connection really I don’t believe that take a look you said earlier Bruce or was not working on the Russia investigation let me ask your son your knowledge did you not know that Bruce or was meeting with Christopher Steele getting the information about the the dossier and supplying that information to the FBI at the same time his wife Nelly was working for Fusion GPS that was helping Hillary Clinton did you not know he was doing that for the FBI correct you did not know that okay so he off couple of doors down but you had no idea that he was actually the go-between to get that information to keep question was asked by a Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis and it’s a question we have now been asking right here on the show for months why is Rod Rosenstein Fruit Chews himself from the mother Witch Hunt I noticed a lot of what you’re hearing tonight should be recognizable to you because we have been reporting this for a long time and it was all true take a look appointed Mueller you’re supervising mother in this supposedly about collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia and obstruction of justice but you wrote the memo saying that, should be fired and you sign the fisa extension for Carter page my question is to you seems like you should be recused from this more so than Jeff session just cuz you were involved and making decisions affecting both prongs of this investigation why haven’t you done that I’d be more than happy to do so unless somebody else handle this but it’s my responsibility to do it and all I can take oh by the way the IG report makes it clear Jim Comey should have been fired so why are we still doing this with the molar Pro sure I am not commenting on what is under investigation by the mother probe into the best of my knowledge Highway 407 long days until Mother’s fishing Expedition Congressman Trey Gowdy South Carolina confronting Rod Rosenstein with what we’ve all been thinking watch this from today they should be the target but Russia isn’t being hurt by this investigation right now we are this country is being we are being divided we’ve seen to buy us we seem to buy it we need to see the oven if you have evidence of wrongdoing by any member of the trunk campaign presented to the dam grand jury if you have evidence that this present acted inappropriately the American people is Justice denied right now all of us are being denied whatever you got finish it the hell up cuz this country it’s being torn apart the hell up that’s right Bob Mueller Weissman what you’ve done to the country of the country that Rod Rosenstein really switch on end and Rod it’s your constitutional Duty checks and balances co-equal branches to provide members of congress with the subpoenaed documents and information they need so they can do your job their job and check your apartments in seven days from today if the. Continues this obstruction charge every single member of the House to now take action to yes move to contempt and yes impeachment enough is enough Trey Gowdy was right and of course many Democrats it just perfectly fine with the OJ obstruction their friends in the Deep State have a lot to hide tell me why was Robert Moses witch Hunters producing literally zero evidence of the president ever did anything wrong on the left there now predictably beginning to unravel and their favorite new Target to us Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency that’s doing the jobs at Congress passed their lost now throughout the week hundreds of left-wing protesters occupied ice offices all across multiple cities forcing some to actually temporarily closed their doors and these demonstrators block entrances they instructed ice employees they attempted to camp out in front of the building the hill reported protesters celebrated the news that they’re occupation actually pump and delays and some operations at the center but quote this may result in some immigrants being detained for weeks longer than expected or 575 people arrested after literally storming the Hart Senate building now multiple Democratic lawmakers they were in attendance including one congresswoman from Washington was actually arrested have sadly the Santee eyes red from the lab on TV is even far worse watch this I think there’s no question that we got the credit clear examine ice and its role and the way that it is being administered into work it is doing and we need to probably think about starting I think we need to abolish ice that seems really clear they have strayed so far from the interest of the American people in the interest of humanity isn’t doing what it was created to do it’s being used as his own personal police force and in those actions it’s actually making us less safe is right the left Democrats in this country literally want to abolish ice proving exactly what we now have been telling you for a long time does selection is the most important midterm in your life and if Democrats win this November this is what they’re pushing for I’ve been telling you they want to impeach Donald Trump but don’t tell anybody keep it secret taxi stop saying it next they want to keep Obamacare how’s that working out for you and of course they want to make sure that you get paid less or actually campaigning and saying publicly they want to repeal the Trump tax cut and raise your taxes and of course as you see they want open borders to do not want to wall and number 5 they want to destroy whoever the president picks to replace Justice Kennedy on the US Supreme Court no vision no betterment of the American people at all Democrats have no agenda no real plan for proving this country helping the Forgotten men and women so their playbook is all too predictable so when they use every two and four years a campaign to smear slander besmirch assassinate the character of any Trump Republican stand in their way I’m already seeing this in the media after Justice Kennedy announces retirement as I predicted last night take a look if you are lgbtq if you are a person of color if you are a woman mail in America right now you are probably freaking out for looking at it at the destruction of the clean air and water that you use and breathe is at stake you never had one down the tunnel of potentially criminal liability for women who are seeking to make decisions about their own bodies it’s time for Democrats to throw down and what I mean by that is that we’ve been playing by the rulebook and Donald Trump and Republicans have been playing by Street rules we need to play by Street world it gets even worse look at this disturbing image from The Huffington Post by the way viewer warning this is pretty disturbing a clothes hanger with the words of the end of row also I predicted last night think that’s bad ABC’s hit show The View another viewer warning what you’re about to see in here is pretty graphic take a look it’s trying to take away anything from you I’m trying to hold on to my personal so that you can have I do for my family and my body my little problem with you once again the media lying about President Trump the exact same tactics the left use against President Reagan and if I showed you last night judge Robert Bork the same kind of smear campaign use against Justice Clarence Thomas all of this Trump hasn’t nominated anybody yet and you better believe the tactics from the left are going to get much worse every day from now 2 election day let me just warn you hold on tight buckle up and yeah your voice needs to be heard of November we’re going to tell you all the key races now without a doubt this will be the most consequential midterm election in our lifetime
If Rosenstein’s DOJ continues their obstruction, the House should move to contempt and impeachment.

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